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How to handle chest hair? Chest hair is one of those things many men neglect from their appearance. There are many ways to handle chest hair to look better. First, it is important to emphasize that chest hair must be kept at the same length as the hair from the rest of the body.


Needless to say, shaving and getting rid of hair on just one part of the body is going to look weird, especially if you have a lot of hair. So, what are the basics for chest-hair care? Let us analyze the four different alternatives you have.


Not shaving


Vazol-How-to-handle-chest-hair-Banner-Unless you want to do sports professionally, the best is to not shave your chest. This will also save having to shave half your body every day.


For better softness, we recommend you use a depilatory cream.


If you are determined to achieve an elegant swimmer look, then there is an alternative route. The first option is a depilatory cream to dissolve the hair from the root.


This will give you a few extra weeks before it grows again, and it will not do it with a blunt and sharp edge.


Waxing is the last resort to handle chest hair


Vazol-How-to-handle-chest-hair-Banner-Waxing is the last resort. Depilation with wax will be painful and often, it ends up in an acne breakout. However, if you go to a trusted professional, you can avoid most problems. The good thing is, you can wait six weeks before the hair grows back.


Regardless of the complete elimination method you use (cream or wax), do it a few days before you need to be without a shirt. You must follow the same procedure as you would do with a shave.


A cold shower, hydrating cream and, if possible, it is best to stay cool and avoid sweating for a couple of days. Sweating blocks the pores.



Trimming the chest hair is the best option


When you feel happy with your chest hair, then the best thing to do is to handle any rebel length. For this task, you need to get a full-body groomer (which differs from a beard trimmer).


What you will need to trim your chest hair


When trimming the hair, you will need some kind of hair trimmer. Even if you are reading this wanting to go full-on wax, first you will need some adjusting with the trimmers.


You will need a razor with a long handle on one end and a nice on-the-skin system. There are some waterproof trimmers you can use in the shower and even some wireless models that do not need electricity.


Unless you are a high-performance athlete, we recommend keeping at least some chest hair. Removing all the chest hair only makes sense if you are a swimmer, cyclist, or athlete. However, hair in this area can be trimmed, not fully removed.


To keep your pecks in check, it is a good idea to equip yourself with a decent electric trimmer and snip as much as necessary. When you use them with a protective cap, these tools leave a bit of hair. This is perfect when you just want to trim and not fully remove.


It is important to remember that, just as with a beard, you need to check your progress as you go. This way you can adjust the guards depending on the growth patterns of the hair, and the desired finish.


Getting to know your chest hair type


The thicker and denser the hair is, the pricklier it will feel when you trim them. What should you do if you have thick hair and only want to trim? Instead of leaving the chest completely shaved, try to leave some hair on the chest long enough to lie against the skin. Otherwise, it will be unbearably spiky.


Shaving the chest hair


First, check your neckbeard. It is important that the beard and the stubble do not meet the chest hair.


You must shave right above the “Adam’s apple” to the shirt neckline. hard-earned


It is important to do this dry, not in the shower. You should always hydrate afterward.


It is important to go in the hair’s direction, shaving downwards all the way. Some go from the exterior toward the middle, but this is not as important.



Shaving belly hair


Get rid of all the fuss on the sides of the abdomen, working inwards to leave a trail that goes from the diaphragm to your nether regions. In doing this, you create a “T” shape that is visually flattering for the body and makes a figure at the waist.


While you do this, you can also take a short comb to the shoulders if you have hair there, and a medium-sized comb for the arms, and even the wrists. You can not forget the armpits, the length of the hair can surprise you as it is not a part of the body we see too often.


Trimming the chest hair is probably the introduction of most men in the personal grooming process. Mainly because this is where chest hair is most prominent and prolific.


Trimming the chest hair will not only help you show off your hard-earned pecks (if you go to the gym), but it can also help you feel cooler. It can even enhance the line of the shirts, making sure there are no lumps or uneven areas.


Shaving or waxing (with wax or sugar) are recommended if you are looking for an alabaster look, but a simpler option is to keep it well-trimmed. You will not get such a soft finish, but you can still see the muscle definition below. Besides, if you trim the hair to 1 centimeter or less, you avoid the itch from the regrowth associated with shaving.


You need to trim the chest hair when it is dry, as it is easier to see how much you are taking off. Aside from the fact that the hair relaxes and stretches when it is wet, you could end up cutting it too short. It is important to trim even the edges of the nipples instead of passing them by to avoid accidents. Likewise, it is vital to keep the stomach hair the same length to create a uniform and balanced look.


When a man feels creative, they can contour the chest and stomach hair to create different looks. Removing the hair below the pecs but leaving the things above it for longer can make the chest look wider.


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