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How to dress to look more stylized

How to dress to look more stylized. After the December festivities, it is likely that many still have a few extra pounds. And one of the activities we enjoy the most at Christmas is sharing a delicious meal with friends and family. Still, sometimes, we do not think much about the aftermath.


You may be already on a diet that helps you get rid of those excesses. However, while the process lasts, we know you still want to look good when you go out. So, that lousy extra must not get in the way of dressing up and going out to have a good time, as usual.


Now, we know that each body is different. And you don’t necessarily have weight gain. Still, you may have thick pieces and want to look a little thinner. Whatever your case, today we will talk about what to do and what to wear to look more stylized so you can always look great!


How to dress to look slimmer?


Vazol - How to dress to look more stylized - Simple print for elegant gay man

  • Use small design prints


Big things make you look bigger. Choosing fabrics printed with large patterns will increase the volume, making you look thicker and heavier. If, on the contrary, you choose smooth materials or small and subtle designs or drawings, your body will look slimmer.


  • Avoid pleats


Here we are referring to the pants with this pleated detail in the waistband-down area. This adds volume to your waist and makes it look more padded, as if you were wearing a garment under the pants. Garments with straight cuts visually refine the waist and hide thick bodies.


Vazol - How to dress to look more stylized - elegant gay man

  • Wear suits in dark colors


Wear dark colors such as black, dark gray, and navy blue when wearing a suit. This list of tones will make you look more stylized thanks to the uniformity and homogeneity that each one provides. Since it goes from the shoulders to the end of the legs.


  • Wear your shirt untucked, How to dress to look more stylized


If you´re going out and you need a casual look, you can allow yourself this option. Leave the two first buttons undone, and avoid wearing any other garment on top, such as sweaters or jackets. And make sure that its lower part has elastic since it can visually give you unwanted volume.


Vazol - How to dress to look more stylized - elegant gay man

  • If you wear jackets, choose the ones with one or two buttons


Jackets are a trendy and practical garment that serves as a perfect complement to your outfit. However, a very common model is the one that is worn closed at the top, and most go ​​for it, but this is a mistake. This way, attention is diverted to your central area, which is worse if you have a wide waist.


Now, the solution is to wear a jacket model with only 1 or 2 buttons that forms an inverted triangle. This allows the shirt to be seen over the top button and does not bring focus to your abdominal area.


  • Do not wear loose or tight clothing


Here we give you 2 tips. On one hand, there is a false belief that wearing baggy, large, or oversized clothes will hide our weight or what we do not want to show. Couldn’t be more wrong. On the contrary, we will accentuate all this that we want to go unnoticed.


The same happens with the opposite case. People think that wearing a garment that is no longer our size will hide those body parts we´re uncomfortable with. Like the previous example, wearing a pant size one size smaller than ours will only show that it doesn’t fit us well, and we will look tight and uncomfortable.


Vazol - How to dress to look more stylized - elegant gay man

  • Work the contrasts to a minimum, How to dress to look more stylized.


By this, we mean to avoid the color you wear in the upper part being opposite to the one you wear in the lower area.


Since by wearing a dark shirt with light pants, your waist will look more marked, too, shortening and visually widening your figure.


So, the solution is to wear different colors but in the same shade. That is, choosing both pieces of clothing that are dark, for example, a black shirt with dark gray pants, to see you taller and more stylized.



Vazol - How to dress to look more stylized - elegant gay man

  • Go for V-neck shirts


To look taller and slimmer, go for t-shirts with a V-neck, get the focus off the central part of your body, and focus on your face. This cut (in V) stylizes this area, almost contrary to round necklines, which make the face look rounder. An extra tip is that, when choosing shirts, avoid those with a wide neck.


  • Say yes to vertical stripes, How to dress to look more stylized.


It’s a classic trick and maybe even a bit hackneyed. Still, we’ll never stop talking about it because it’s well-known that vertical stripes have a natural stylizing effect since they lengthen the figure, making you look much slimmer and more slender. Different from the use of horizontal stripes, which add more volume to the body and produce the opposite effect.


Vazol - creating contrasts with clothing - elegant gay man

  • Bet on the monochrome look


We have already talked about creating contrasts with clothing in a minimal expression, aiming to wear garments in the same dark tones. Still, here we give you more radical advice, which is worth mentioning, although it is familiar since everybody knows the total look.


We are talking about monochromatic, which is dressing in the same color from head to toe and blurring the distinction between the torso and legs, giving the sensation of having a longer and spindlier figure.


  • Slim Fit Cut, How to dress to look more stylized.


If you like to wear your clothes with a little tightness, then opt for the slim fit cut. It narrows and subtly outlines the silhouette without constricting it and, at the same time, without adding volume.


Vazol - creating contrasts with clothing - elegant gay man

  • Tapered cut, the ideal when choosing pants


This type of pants is characterized by having the loosest part of the hip, narrowing as it goes down towards the ankle, becoming the perfect model for all those who seek to hide this contour.


This series of advice and tips aims to make your figure look like a rectangle, avoiding looking bulky and wide at all costs.


So, do not limit yourself or feel self-conscious.


Take the best out of your closet and start your year dressing to impress!

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