How to avoid the passage of time

How to avoid the passage of time on the face of a stylish man

How to avoid the passage of time on the face of a stylish man. I know that one of your biggest dreams is to keep your face´s skin, young, and healthy. Worthy of a magazine cover for as long as possible. Regardless of how many shaves you can put in every day, I’m sure you want it to stay baby-like, right?


And it´s that in addition to cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating. The regimen that you must follow so that the care of your skin is exquisite involves several things. The first step is to clean your face in the morning when you wake up and before going to bed. To remove any accumulation of sweat and pillow from the pores, as well as toxins from the environment and dirt.


After this step, you should exfoliate the skin, however, you should do it twice a week tops. In the morning and at night I invite you to rehydrate it with a moisturizing cream. To restore the protective layer of the skin and thus prevent toxins from entering the pores.


At Vazol we have come to you today to talk to you about how to avoid the passage of time on your face. So that you always feel fresh as lettuce and rejuvenated. 


How to stop the passage of time on the skin?


How to avoid the passage of timeHere, we are always very sincere. So, I haven´t come to lie to you with a magic formula that avoids that passage of time.


And that magically reduces the signs of aging.


That’s where we all are headed to. And even if we want to avoid it, the skin, like the other organs, changes as time goes by.


But it´s possible to delay these signals a bit so the skin doesn´t start to feel so old so quickly.


There are habits of our daily life that we can apply to counteract the passage of time.



How to avoid the passage of time

  • Stop smoking, How to avoid the passage of time.


If this is your bad habit, I invite you to quit it. Even if it´s just one cigarette a day, I guarantee that it´s very harmful.


Leave it at once, it doesn’t do you any good. Also, you should stay away from places where smokers are because it also affects you.


Tobacco is one of the causes of premature and accelerated aging of the skin. And this happens due to the decrease in blood flow to the face.


It produces degradation of collagen, elastic fibers, and proteoglycans, and affects dermatological problems.


  • Sleep very well, How to avoid the passage of time.


Sleeping provides so many benefits. The recommended thing is 8 hours a day, which is enough to repair and feel calm. Poor sleep quality is proven to be linked to increased intrinsic signs of aging.


  • Omega 3.


You must maintain good nutrition to avoid the passage of time being noticeable on the skin. However, I can recommend that the consumption of fish is vital. Since it´s an important source of substances such as omega 3 and proteins. It reduces stress and intervenes in the prevention of the passage of time.


How to improve the appearance of a man’s face?


Everyone today is getting into the healthy habit of cleaning their face to avoid the passage of time.


So, we need to understand that washing your face is not enough.


In this regard, to stay away from dry or brittle and dull skin, a man must follow a simple skincare routine.


For this reason, today I bring you some tips to keep it healthy and rejuvenated.


So, if you want to start taking care of your skin, I invite you to follow these personal care and beauty tips with great wisdom.



  • Wash your face every day, How to avoid the passage of time.


Like I told you, twice a day. In the morning and at night, because it´s thanks to pollution, smoke, and toxic particles that the skin is damaged.


While you may have slightly thicker and oily skin than women, remember that excess oil can stick to your skin and block your pores.


Using a suitable cleanser will help you thoroughly clean and remove debris from your pores. Don´t use bar soap, because it dries your skin up. Better use a liquid cleanser that contains substances suitable for your skin type.



  • Use moisturizer, How to avoid the passage of time.


With light oil, cream, or some other product. Try to remember to use a moisturizer daily after washing. It´s key in the care of men. Doing so will maintain elasticity and prevent itching or overly flaky skin.


  • Exfoliate.


Yes, I repeat it and I say it again, at least twice a week to clean your pores. It´s the best way to remove impurities and prevent aging.


  • Sun protection, mega important, How to avoid the passage of time.


Necessary. Important. Never forget it. Sunscreen is something that many ignore and they shouldn´t. Wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or even more, it´s recommended. You should apply sunscreen to your face and hands.


What to do to have a pretty face?


The important thing to prevent wrinkles, if that´s your goal, is to take care of the skin around the eyes. Because it´s deficient in fat and sweat glands, and it´s also very vulnerable to dryness under the eyes. That implies wrinkles and fine lines.


For this reason, I suggest applying a small amount of moisturizer around the skin under your eyes in the morning and before going to bed. Hydration is extremely important for skincare at any age. Ah! And leave the stress.


Likewise, at Vazol we recommend that you visit a dermatologist frequently. It´s the best way in which you will achieve greater effectiveness for the products you use. The specialist will guide you to know what your skin type is. And what type of products are going to work better for you than others. They can also guide you with techniques to even out skin tone.


Another very important thing. Drink water, more than eight glasses a day. The key is that you stay hydrated and full of energy to burn calories.

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