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How should a salesperson dress?

How should a salesperson dress? The nonverbal communication that is part of our attire, and exists between us and our clients, makes the work-with-public attire very important. This is the image we want to project of ourselves to others.


This can be the basis for our meeting to succeed, as it is the first image of us the others get, and this must give them the best impression possible.


In the work world, that image is much more important, as we project not only our image, but we also project the image of the company we represent.


Depending on the sector we work in, we will have to adjust our attire. For example, in the industrial or healthcare sector, the attire will not only be an image but also a need.


In the commercial sector, or in those sectors that work with the public, the purpose is very different. Here we dress especially to be the face of a company. Meaning we will always have to dress according to the reunion we will go to, in order to be appropriately tuned to our clients and to convey all our knowledge.


If we work in the commercial sector, the attire we use is very important. Not only do we represent our company, but our mission will also comprise giving support to our clients before, during, and after closing a sale.


Skills of a good salesperson


Vazol-How should a salesperson dress-BannerOne skill of a good salesperson is knowing how to negotiate between your company and the clients.


Even though it is true that presenting a good product with quality and an attractive price is a good argument, it is also necessary for the person we are negotiating with to perceive a good image from us, and for that, it is important to dress accordingly.


Conveying a good image projects security to our clients, transmitting them with confidence in our products, at least for us to convey enthusiasm so they feel interested in buying our products. Also giving them good, close and direct treatment with our clients.


A good salesperson should dress impeccably, with good taste, modestly, and with clothes that are also comfortable.


For work reasons, many times men wear suits that consist of a jacket and a matching pant, and they also wear a tie.


For women, it can also be necessary for them to wear a suit that consists of a jacket and a skirt, or pants depending on the company they work in. They can also wear a suit jacket. Sometimes, they will also wear ties.


Wearing a suit and being well-dressed won’t only convey confidence, it will also help us boost our self-confidence, projecting a good image, showing our clients that we are serious and good professionals.


How to choose the clothes wisely?


Vazol-How should a salesperson dress-BannerSpeaking of work attire, we will put the jacket over the shirt, which can also be a blouse in the women’s case. Depending on the type of commercial meeting, we will also have to dress in different kinds of pants.


Among these pants,we could wear more informal-cut jeans in good condition, that are not worn down, and we will match them with a shirt.


Other pants we could also use in these cases would be chino style pants or even regular pants. Along with a shirt, which will also make us closer to our clients.


The clothes we decide to wear as a general rule should be formal and not flamboyant, in neutral tones, not too classical, and not too modern, as we should not call too much attention to our clothes, but keep attention on the product we are trying to sell or the message we want to convey.


In case of doubt of what to wear, it is best to go formal with a dress suit, a shirt, and a tie, or in the women’s case a suit jacket, than risking going in a dress that is too informal for the occasion.


As for the color combinations of the suit and the shirts, white or blue shirts are a good bet, and we must avoid printed shorts or garish colors.


The shirts can be plain or have a small design, or some stripes; in case they are plain, the tie should have a small design or some stripes as well.


We should also not wear too many accessories, as they will distract our clients.


Women should wear a jacket suit, or a jacket with a skirt, in neutral tones, with regular necklines, not too accentuated, they can have some accessories or complements, although not too many so as to not distract during the meeting.


If the woman wears a skirt, this should never be too short, for example, it should not be above a hand span from the knee; it can be plain or with small designs, in any case, it should be in neutral colors.


It shouldn’t be too tight either, as it will not be comfortable during the day.


They should also wear natural-looking, neutral-toned makeup.


As for the perfume, the scent should be soft and nice.


The shoewear


As for the shoes, they should be comfortable, closed, and if they have a heel, we should be used to walking in them with ease. In any case, they should be in dark tones like black or navy blue.


If you are not sure about wearing a dress to dress more informally, or in a suit to be more formal, without a doubt it is best to wear a jacket suit, with a skirt or pants rather than wearing a dress, and surely we will succeed with a meeting’s attire.


The suit jacket should go on top of the shirt or blouse, preferably in white or in a range of blues, plain and with little detail.


We should not forget that the important thing in sales meetings is the product we are trying to sell.


To close


These tips are not only valid for people who work as a salesperson but also for every worker who works with the public, be it in offices or going to the clients’ establishments.


These are also valid for those who work as event staff, flight attendants, receptionists, or janitors or tourist guides, or in any other job where they have contact with the public.


A good piece of advice is to dress similarly to our clients, meaning depending on the meeting we will have to think what is the best way to dress.


If the meeting is in an office, both ours and in our client’s, we should dress formally, never in jeans or a t-shirt.


If, on the contrary, the meeting is somewhere to do any technical work, we can dress more casually.


Meaning, we should not be the center of attention by clashing with the place we go to with our client, be it an office, a shop, or a restaurant.


Many companies usually have protocols and dress codes, both to work in the offices and for every event they do, and they know their employees should wear them in their meetings.

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