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How to choose an engagement ring for men?

How to choose an engagement ring for men? When the request for a hand with an engagement ring is an ancient tradition to ask for a woman’s hand, the custom of giving an engagement ring to your boyfriend is new and corresponds to the spread of gender equality for heterosexual couples and sexual freedom for gay men.


In the past 10 years, such an extension of freedom has boosted sales of engagement rings for men, supported by jewelry brands that saw a very dynamic new market growth.


A survey by The Knot magazine 2019 reveals that only 6% of heterosexual men received an engagement ring, while 49% of gay male couples offered at least one ring.


So this new market is likely to grow a lot in the coming years, offering more creations by jewelry designers and more promotion by big brands.


Will you know how to choose the perfect engagement ring for your boyfriend?


If you have doubts about it, this article will teach you everything you need to know in order to choose the ideal promise ring.


What is the difference between an engagement and a wedding ring for men?


At first glance, it may seem difficult to differentiate a men’s wedding ring from an engagement ring.


When the style of men’s wedding rings is generally very classic, made up of a simple band of precious metal, the engagement ring can present very varied designs.


Usually, a man’s engagement ring carries a stone, which is extremely rare for men’s wedding rings. The designs are usually wider and more voluminous than traditional rings.


An interesting point is that if women’s engagement rings obey marked social rules, such as the presence of a diamond, for example, there is no tradition even in terms of men’s rings, so the designs are more free and original.


Designs for men mix metals, use wood with gems, and offer designs totally unexplored by women’s ring creators.


Precious metals available. Engagement ring


Precious metals do not change, whether it is for a man or a woman. A masculine style of ring can be obtained with silver, gold, or platinum. Each of these metals has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Silver rings


Silver is an inexpensive precious metal that allows heavy designs to be made without much concern for weight. Polished silver is the whitest of all precious metals, but it can oxidize black over time. That disadvantage turns out to be a plus in the case of a rustic men’s ring with engraved details.


Also, silver blends perfectly with gold to make mixed silver designs with a hint of gold.



  • Gold rings. Engagement ring


The engagement ring: an ancient tradition - Vazol USA - Define your budget

Gold has been in fashion for more than 6,000 years, so the most valued precious metal in the world continues to be a very good option to create a ring with significant meaning. Cost can be an issue for a high-volume design.


But gold offers the advantage of being able to choose the color of your ring, yellow, white, pink, green, or black. Being a noble metal, it is unalterable, and its color will not change over time.


Also, depending on your budget, you can choose 14-karat, 18-karat, or even 22-karat gold.

  • Platinum rings


Platinum is a relatively new price metal. A notable element of that metal is that it was discovered in Latin America more than 2,000 years ago. It is characterized by its density higher than that of gold and its unalterable color, being a noble metal that does not rust.


Because it is used very pure, usually 90 or 95% pure, it is the most expensive of the three precious metals. Its light gray color greatly seduces men looking for an original ring.


Its use is rare; even so, this metal offers an original design in itself.


Do you know the style you like? Engagement ring


It is important to have an idea of ​​the style of ring that you may like so that the promise ring corresponds to your tastes. For that purpose, you can analyze the rings or jewelry that you are already wearing to get an idea.


Knowing your partner’s personality or clothing tastes will help you define the simple, rustic, or ostentatious style that suits you and will allow you to imagine the ring design that best suits your personality.


Do you know your ring size?


It is important that the ring is the correct size.


If he already has a ring. A discreet way to measure the size of your ring is to roll a piece of paper into a tube, insert it into your ring, and make a mark where the paper ends. That mark is made on the end of the paper and on the tube.


Unroll and measure the distance between the two visible marks to measure the exact size of the ring. That tutorial summarizes that way of proceeding: Tutorial


If you are not wearing a ring, it will be difficult to measure your finger discreetly, and it is best to take a trip to a jewelry store to get the measurement done correctly. Because measuring your finger size will be suspicious anyway.


Choosing a masculine stone. Engagement ring



Since most men’s engagement rings carry a stone, it’s a good idea to ask yourself which stones are masculine and which ones integrate easily with a men’s ring design.


For understated designs, black and white diamonds are most common. They adapt very well with the three precious metals and can be combined with wood or other stones such as onyx.


Petite white diamonds are ideal for a bright touch, while black diamonds offer contrast at a reasonable price.


Sapphire is a classic masculine gem as well.


If most of the gems are round in jewelry, men tend to prefer square or rectangular cut stones that give a modern and masculine visual aspect.




The engagement ring: an ancient tradition - Vazol USA - EXAMPLES

Whether they have chosen a totally personalized ring design or not, engraving is the easiest and cheapest way to give a unique personal touch to the engagement ring that they are going to present.


Depending on the design of the ring, the available space will be limited or not, but you can engrave a memorable phrase that is important to you two or a date that has marked your relationship.


Ideally, the engraving of the letters and numbers is 2 millimeters to be easily readable and can be accompanied by a heart or another figure if the internal space of the ring allows it.


How to organize? Engagement ring


As you may have noticed, defining the perfect ring design requires solving a puzzle and takes time. Keep in mind that a suitor usually takes one to two months to choose the ring design. If you opt for a custom design, the jeweler will need one to two months to complete the manufacture of your ring.


It is essential to be organized to be able to carry out your plan and have the ring ready for the date of your order.

The engagement ring: an ancient tradition - Vazol USA - Como usarlo

Also, setting a budget is important as you will quickly be overwhelmed by all the possible metal, stone, and design options that impact your ring budget.


The best way to organize is to:


  • Plan the order date in advance
  • Define a budget
  • determine ring size
  • Find the perfect design for your demand
  • Buy or have the ring made in advance


How about your experience, Do not hesitate to share with us how your request was and what you thought of your engagement ring.

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