Haircut for a fashionable man

How to find my ideal haircut for a fashionable man?

How to find my ideal haircut for a fashionable man? Hair is an accessory. From here to the moon! No one can contradict me. Now, we can say that you must be a little more aware when wearing a hairstyle. Because it must adapt well to your face.


If you care about your image, we will teach you to look more attractive and charming.


Too much information comes out every year about what´s trending and what´s not trending. In this sense, I want you to know that it doesn´t matter too much what´s in trend. As long as it´s according to your face since it´s the haircut that will enhance your attributes. What do you think about this? Did you know?


At Vazol we want to explain to you how to know if your haircut is ideal according to your face type. So that when you leave the barbershop, you feel like an empowered divo wanting to eat the world. Are you willing to impress and leave everyone with their mouths open? Keep reading!


How to find my ideal man haircut?


Haircut for a fashionable manAs I explained, each person has a different symmetry. So, you only need to know your face type to clarify which is the haircut that best suits you. Now, the important thing to take into account, first of all, is that your hair has to be very healthy.


There are different types of faces: diamond, rectangle, oval, circular, square, or triangle shape. Starting from there, we can highlight the best of your features and perfect your image. For each of them, we´ll have a different option.


First, you´re surely wondering, how do I know what my face type is? Don´t sweat it! I’ll explain. Is all a question of lines. So, run to get a mirror, put your hair up if you need it, and let’s measure. The first step is to measure the forehead, so place a measuring tape at one end and stretch towards the other.


Next, measure your cheekbones´ top by placing the end of the tape at the outer corner of your eye. That will be the starting point in a straight line through the bridge of your nose to the other corner.


Third, measure the jaw by placing the tape on one side of it at its base near the ear. Reaching the middle of the chin. Make sure that the tape goes from the center point of the chin to touch the ear.


The next step is the length. For this, you need the exact point where the hair begins and extend the tape over the nose to the end. Finally, get the length by measuring from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin.


How do you know if a haircut is going to look good on you?


Haircut for a fashionable manAfter you have all these measurements written down, we´re going to do the math.


  • Round face.


In this case, if your face´s length is less than or equal to the width of the face. Then your face is round. This type of face accompanies most men. I recommend that you use cuts that are not over the top and try some bangs. The cut should neither be too long nor too short. Avoid shaving your head.


  • Oval face, Haircut for a fashionable man.


If the length of your face is greater than one or two centimeters approximately than the width of the face. Then your face is balanced so it´s oval. It´s considered the ideal face since it is almost elongated and rounded. Any haircut can work for this type of face. Although an undercut with the central part with more hair is an interesting option. Now, avoid the bangs with this one.


  • Elongated face.


If the measurement of your face between nose and chin is greater than a third of the total length of the face, your face is elongated. It´s characterized by making the features elongated and here you can take advantage of long hairstyles. Even if it reaches the shoulders, as well as toupees and pompadours because they will flatter you. Avoid the short on the sides, because it can be disproportionate.


  • Heart face, Haircut for a fashionable man.


The measurement is wider in the cheekbones than in the forehead. And the jaw is smaller than the width of the face. We also get an inverted heart face where the forehead is wider than the cheekbones and therefore wider than the jaw.


In this face, the forehead is wider and is considered harmonic. So, I invite you to try haircuts full of volume in the front. Avoid hair that is too short.


  • Square face.


When the measurement of the width of the face is quite similar to the length. And the forehead is similar to the width. It´s a beautiful face because it marks the cheekbones. I recommend a very short haircut. And if you want to soften the features, I invite you to cuts with volume with the greatest amount of hair in the central area of ​​the head. Avoid being too flashy.


  • Triangular face, Haircut for a fashionable man.


It´s characterized by a long chin and the front part is narrower. I invite you to do a hairstyle with volume on the forehead and ears. Because you ensure that it reduces the disparity of the forehead and jaw. Make it look natural and smooth with subtle bangs. Avoid shaving and asymmetrical cuts.


  • Diamond face.


Your jaw and chin are very striking. I recommend a short and elegant cut to show your face. However, anything will be fine.


  • Rectangular face, Haircut for a fashionable man.


Your face has a very similar forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. But, your face is longer than it is wide. Choose to grow your hair in the center area and lower the sides, to create volume.


Is short or long hair more attractive to men?


As I have been explaining to you. Everything will depend on the type of face you have.


So, you can always have options in the barber who suggests you invent something different that suits you perfectly.


The tastes of others are of others. You take care to squander personality and have a good hairstyle that makes you feel like the king of the night.


At Vazol we recommend you visit our store. To add to the cart and buy a series of incredible garments with unique designs that together with the ideal hairstyle will always make you stand out.


Trust us! We’re your best option.

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