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Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style

Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style. The celebration of Pride Month has become very relevant, and it is now one of the community’s most anticipated events of the year. The fact that summer formally begins with it also helps to bring the cheer on! And during these days, different activities are carried out, to then close with a flourish in the LGBTQ Pride Parade.


International Pride Day, or International LGBT Pride Day, is celebrated worldwide on June 28 of each year. All to commemorate the events that occurred at Stonewall, a bar located in Greenwich Village, United States, in 1969, as well as ratifying the affection of pride that each person has regarding their sexual orientation and gender identity, and this way, show themselves to a society that still remains against it.


For such a celebration, a traditional Parade is organized, in which people prepare to participate and celebrate diversity in an atmosphere of joy and, above all, many colors. Every year, the outfits and clothing try to surpass themselves to highlight and stand out. For this reason, today, we want to give you the best advice so that you attend this important event, always coming from comfort and confidence.


How to dress for the LGBTQ Parade?


Dressing for a parade is really not complicated at all. It is essential to look for comfort, above all, since we will be outdoors and walking and dancing in the street. So, take into account the following with every detail:


  • Shoes


Vazol - Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style - People at the gay pride march

We put it first since it is the most important accessory or complement in clothing for this type of activity. As we mentioned, you will be walking, jumping, and dancing, among other things, in the street. There we can find remains of stones and glass and other elements that can cut or injure your foot.


Another detail to take into account is that in a parade where so many people attend, it is normal for someone to step on you. So the footwear you choose must, in addition to giving you great comfort to walk a long trek and stand for so long, must assure you that you will not suffer any mishap.


For this reason, avoid sandals, and dress shoes, which do not provide comfort and can hurt you if you walk too much. Cowboy boots are also a no since they do not help ventilation and, due to their shape and material, can become uncomfortable, as well as stiletto heels.


Instead, go for tennis shoes, casual or sporty, which provide good support. And biker-type boots protect and provide comfort.  On the other hand, if you wear high-heeled shoes, you can choose a comfortable Cuban or similar heel that will not tire you after the first mile.


  • Bottoms, Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style.


Unless your city is entering autumn – winter, in most of the world, the weather is hot. And therefore, it is best to dress fresh and, that way, avoid heat stroke.


Of course, you can wear pants, as long as they are made of a cool fabric like linen, cotton, or even denim. Preferably, you might want to wear shorts, though. You can show off your legs with shorts, skirts, and leggings! But always make sure that they give you the necessary comfort to walk without feeling that the garment is pressing or rubbing against you. Since you can end up with damaged skin.


  • Underwear


Vazol - Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style - People at the gay pride march

This parade is an excellent opportunity to show some skin and be suggestive.


So, you can resort to the trend of letting your underwear show through the edge of your pants and look extremely sexy and provocative!


Remember that comfort is first and foremost, and if you are going to wear those silk and lace garments, you must consider that they are not the most suitable materials for a hot environment where you will surely sweat.


For this reason, it’s best to go with cotton underwear. You can wear them with some pride motif or the allusive colors that many brands have launched for this celebration.


  • T-shirts, Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style.


Vazol - Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style - People at the gay pride march

Here you have many options to put your outfit together. From a fresh shirt that will help you with the weather to even showing your torso without anything. This way, you can show off your work and effort in the gym! Everything is valid to attend the parade.


Currently, many brands join the celebration of LGBTQ Pride and have dedicated themselves to designing and making complete lines of clothing and accessories. Either to celebrate this occasion or simply for everyone who wants to have their garment throughout the year. 


So, check the different brands and the stock of merchandise that they have available and attend with a t-shirt with an allusive motif! Another excellent option is flannels or sleeveless shirts since you can beat the heat and show your arms as well.


As for the style, you put that you-touch with your favorite colors and designs. But always notice the color of the rainbow in all its splendor.


  • Hats


As we mentioned, the LGBTQ Pride Parade begins in the summer. So, the prevailing climate is typical of the season: which is hot, humid, and logically with the presence of a radiant sun. This can cause havoc if we have our heads exposed.


For this reason, we recommend wearing caps, hats, or any head accessory you like. This way, you protect this area from burns and mistreatment of the hair and from feeling the effects of the weather more intensely and suffering heat stroke.


Also, it is another way to include an accessory with designs typical of the LGBTQ theme and show your pride from head to toe. As well as the shirts, there were also accessories such as caps, hats, visors, and pins, among others, with colors and motifs to wear during the parade.


  • Sunglasses, Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style.


A must for the outdoors, even if the day is cloudy, is the use of sunglasses. Since they are not only essential to protect your eyes from UV rays but also because they will give that tremendous and exciting touch to your look. It’s another opportunity to wear the theme of the event.


You can go for a colorful pair or even one encrusted with sparkling stones that will make you stand out and look like a diva. And they would be ideal for wearing both during the day and at night. So, this is an accessory that must be included in your outfit!


  • Sets 


This type of clothing is increasingly trending, so you can choose a set of either Bermuda shorts and a shirt of the same fabric or color and add a basic t-shirt underneath or leave your chest bare and combine accordingly. This is the way to go.


It is an easy, fast, and safe way to dress since the chances of not looking good are very low. So, it is an incredible option to wear that day and just as fresh and summery as others.


  • Themed, Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style.


We can´t put aside the option of going to the parade dressed as an artist or in the Drag Queen style, which we always love to see. Similarly, many people opt for more elaborate and striking clothing and accessories. Which can include feathers, sequins, glitter, stones, and of course, makeup cannot be missing. Just make sure that this does not cause excessive heat and that what you apply on your skin is waterproof and does not fall off at the first drop of sweat.


What to Avoid on the Parade


Vazol - Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style - People at the gay pride march

  • Avoid bringing accessories and valuables like jewelry, watches, or electronic objects other than your cell phone. Remember, it is a public event, and some take the opportunity to commit misdeeds.
  • Keep your belongings protected. For this, you can use a koala or side bag that you can control and keep with you without them being snatched from you quickly.
  • As a last recommendation, do not forget to wear sunscreen for the parade and every day of your life. This way, you take care of your skin from burns and aging!



With these tips, we hope your preparation to celebrate the most incredible month in the community is full of color, love, style, personality, and most importantly, pride.

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