Genderless fashion

Genderless fashion, a new way of seeing the world

Genderless fashion, a new way of seeing the world. What would you think if I told you that clothes have no gender? You probably smile and feel proud, because you are making a difference, I know.


Times have changed, as has fashion in parallel, even a little faster. Since last year different brands, movements and designers have opted for freedom, identity, and diversity when it comes to dressing.


It is thanks to this that the definition of genderless fashion emerged. This new trend wants to leave behind the labels of the masculine and feminine.


Now, I have to tell you that this movement is not new. Its beginnings were in 1920 when Coco Chanel promoted pants and materials designed for men in the women’s industry in her collection. How rich it feels to know that some have sought to make a difference in the world!


It consists of a style of clothes that serve as attractive elements and allow us to apply them in our daily look. Accessories included? Yes, including accessories.


What is the genderless trend?


Genderless fashionDo you know the story of engineer Mark Bryan? This man went viral on social media after sharing his day-to-day looks that were about skirts and heels. This character who currently resides in Germany with his family, with his daily outfits, carries a message to the world to eliminate stereotypes in clothes.


I am sure that, like him, there have been many who have sought, for a long time, to show who they are and what they want to be through clothing. Even to defend rights. There are stories in Spain of teachers who dressed in skirts to protest against discrimination regarding homosexuality, which in my opinion, is a worthy example of what must be defended. All with the aim that people stop taking into account if they are exclusive for men or women.


However, it is important to clarify that this trend does not seek to dress men as women or vice versa. Its main objective is to show its own identity and that the person, regardless of their gender, feels comfortable and free.


Genderless fashion characteristics


We can find simple designs adaptable to different silhouettes. At the same time, we have collections that break these social stereotypes of men and women. Pieces that do not define the body, that provide freedom in movement, and that do not limit us to one gender.


Differences between genderless and unisex


Genderless fashionIs it the same as unisex sizes? The answer is no. As I have been saying, genderless is not the same as unisex clothing, and I will explain why.


Unisex clothing is when a garment has a role for both genders. They are those shirts that say they look good on everyone, and it turns out that they don’t. They are also called “one size fits all.”


Now, in genderless we are not talking about that basic shirt, but about that garment that encompasses everything. Example: a shirt that can be both for men and women.


Genderless seeks to break structures and stereotypes. Remove labels. If it makes you feel free, why not wear it?


Well, in a simple example: If as a man you want to go to the women’s section to choose a blazer that fits your waist, some beautiful high heels that attract your attention, and an XL size bag, you have every right to do so. You should be able to buy them without paying attention to whether others like them or not. Clothes are for whoever likes them.


Genderless style


Genderless fashionThis new trend adapts to any environment where you want to use it. Basically, it is to take attractive elements and apply them to our outfits. A clear example of this is flower shirts for men.


However, it goes even further than this. The premise is that people want to feel free to look, touch, feel, choose, taste. We seek, as human beings, to be free to go or stay. We want to live free of the opinion and approval of others.


It consists of clothes that we all like, gender-neutral. Do you want to transcend? Then it is time to take out the social constructs and elevate our attitude beyond the conventional. I want you to get rid of phrases like: but isn’t this for women? Won’t I look like a woman if I wear this? The answer is again: no.


What can we express through genderless fashion?


You express a new look. In fact, you could even express happiness and daring. This new movement comes to put your outfits in the fight against inequality in all its characteristics.


As a result, we can obtain men who look spectacular in skirts or dresses, as in the case of Mark Bryan and others who, from their positions, fight so that clothes are no longer a reason for inequality.


Gender is a fairly fluid term and it moves through genders and that beyond wearing a shirt and tie, and another skirt or dress, we can visualize beyond the conventional.


What does Genderless fashion need to prevail over time?


Starting from the beginning, where we know that times change at the speed of light and that stereotypes and social constructs dissolve generationally over time, it is quite reasonable to question how the brands and designs of those who are structured. Garments are still presented to us as masculine and feminine, and even those designs continue to show us the unisex as something great.


However, you have to start by recognizing that anyone can wear whatever they want to wear. This includes colors, prints, glitter, or accessories. Whatever is to the liking of the buyer, and the silhouette as well.


The change comes, in the first place, from ourselves and by losing the fear of what they say about us.


It’s in us to showcase the personality we want and once we understand who we are and what we like, be a voice against those brands that still use categories of the genre.


What do you think? Are you joining this new trend to dress without worries? Will you go beyond society and start creating a style more to your personality and who you are? At Vazol, we agree with these new trends that allow us to go out of the conventional to create extraordinary things. Tell us which of these genderless garments will you use this summer.

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