7 gay trends in today’s men’s fashion

7 gay trends in today’s men’s fashion. If you’ve come to this post, you might have some unfinished business in your closet. If we are being honest, garish colors, bold prints and rainbow flags are the first things that come to mind when you read the word gay. But would you think the same way if we told you that six out of ten fashion decisions you have made so far were made popular by the LGBTIQ+ community? 


Whether out of curiosity, leisure, or gossip, we listed here for you seven gay trends in today’s men’s fashion.


Besides, it is not a secret to anyone that today’s masculinity boundaries are way more flexible than 10, 20, or 30 years ago. We can clearly see this in the next men’s fashion trends.


1. Tight jeans


Vazol-7-gay-trends-in-todays-mens-fashion-BannerThe garment with probably the longest use record among men is jeans, especially skinny jeans.


It looks like today it is unthinkable to use classic cut straight jeans. The man of today has learned to value and highlight their curves. There is nothing better for this task than some good skinny jeans.


Tight jeans became popular in 2002, becoming a trend boosted by the gay community and its main pop culture idols. In this way, slim-fit jeans came to be.


They are basically elastic fabric jeans that merge with the body like a second skin. It is enough to go out into the streets and count how many loose pants you can find. We assure you it will be quite the challenge.


2. Garters: from the field to the streets


Vazol-7-gay-trends-in-todays-mens-fashion-BannerYou just need to scroll down your Instagram profile to notice the main men’s fashion garment trend is garters, but where did they come from?


Garters are basically an intimate clothing item made of a front cover and elastic ribbons around the legs. The current garter variety is overwhelming, you can find garters from revealing “glutes lifter” to a “harness type” with just a quick search.


These undergarments surged in the middle of the fifties and were particularly popular on the sports field. They were initially created to provide support for cups or genital protectors for baseball players without undermining the athlete’s mobility. It wasn’t until the 70s when the gay movement made this garment popular as a daily use item. If you are one of the few men who still hasn’t given it a shot, we suggest you give them a chance.


3. GYM bodies, gay bodies


The anatomic fascination for the male body is a guilty pleasure you can track down back to ancient Greece, in fact, there is nothing inherently gay about it. However, these concepts have changed in the last 50 years.


Today’s fitness culture is just a distortion of a previous cultural movement: the wellness culture. In the 70s the HIV and AIDs epidemic brought with it deaths, scandals, and stigmas. The gay population was unfairly pointed at for registering the biggest incidence rate for this condition, and because of this, homosexuals from the time committed themselves to the gyms.


Albeit, exercise on its own did not make them less vulnerable to HIV contagion, it helped them transmit a healthier and taut image. Thanks to the media, this new masculine ideal became a trend that transcended fashion and settled on the man’s psique.


Surely you won’t look at dumbbells in the same way after reading this.


4. Brazilian waxing


The 80s gay community made efforts to create their own strong identity, this lead to certain habits that decades later will become public dominion, among them is genital waxing.


Men, in nature, usually grow more hair than women, with a special concentration in the genital area. This is why one of the first innovations in the personal grooming area for gays was removing hair.


Today groin “bushes” are a non commonly accepted oddity. The modern man accepted and assimilated these changes, absorbing them as natural and even healthy.


The available methods to remove hair are varied: scissors, razors, and electric trimmers are the most common, but when it comes to waxing, the variety expands: creams, waxes, sugars, gels, lasers, and even IPL pulse light.


Waxing has a hierarchy. For the modern man, the most important part to wax is the genital area. It is followed, in descending order, by glutes, back, chest, arms, and legs.


5. Gay trends in today’s men’s fashion: Crop-tops for guys


Crop-top-style shirts became popular in the late 80s and early 90s. This trend entails wearing tops that have been cut in the middle of the waist, revealing the abdomen.


What was, at first, highly repudiated at its time, resurfaced in 2010, thanks to some gay influencers of the time. 11 years later, this garment is still generating controversy every time it reappears.


Guy’s crop-tops became viral through social media. Today they encompass a very popular sports-urban line of clothing.


Although it is still an Instagram phenomenon, you can find some men working this garment in some gyms or the beach.


6. Gay trends in today’s men’s fashion: Dye. The secret of bleached men


Dyeing your hair is probably the gayest men’s fashion today. Which has no sexual allusion whatsoever, but it shows such a cultural shift in our society.


Balayage, highlights, ombré, sombré, babylights and all the other trends you can cite in the colorimetry area were not only popularized by gays but were in many cases reinvented by them.


Currently, it is more likely for you to cross any street in Las Favelas in Rio de Janeiro and notice men carrying artificially colored manes, indiscriminately of their occupation or sexual preference.


This is also noticeable in Tokyo, Rusia, Iceland, and even India. So, if you have ever dyed your hair white, or have fallen to the temptation of highlights, you can thank the gay pioneers of men’s fashion, because, in their time, the world was not as tolerant to them.


7. Gay trends in today’s men’s fashion: Men in heels


One item of clothing that separates the most between genders is shoewear, or at least that was the case until now. In 2008 a new gay tendency started affecting the global consumption habits, and now guys wear heels.


If you have ever seen any videos from the European group Kazaky, you will notice that in all of their audiovisual productions they are always wearing high heels.


The high heel for the men’s industry is still growing. Today hundreds of portals offer this kind of product, with such a high variety as any woman’s style.


Despite its popularity, high heels for men are more common in fetishist areas, above any other social sphere. However, its frequency will likely speed up with time.

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