Gay fashion rules

Gay fashion rules everyone should know

Gay fashion rules everyone should know. They say, both good and bad tongues, that men are more visual than auditory. In particular, I think that this varies, because each person is different. However, when it comes to first impressions, this is more of a fact than an urban belief.


For this reason, we must always seek to look good at all times, because to impress and show our best face, a little effort is necessary.


Now, for a gay man, there is no exact way to say how you should look. So, the best way to do this is with self-confidence and staying on-trend. Let’s remember that everyone has a particular style that makes them stand out from the rest, and that is very good. However, before going out with what suits you best, keep in mind that there are rules that you must know to look amazing.


How do I look gay in fashion? Gay fashion rules


If you need some practical advice on being gay on-trend, you’ve come to the right place. When you finish reading it, you will know how to make an impact wherever you go.


Looking “gay”, more than something you wear, is a matter of attitude. However, you can find some accessories that can help you stand out with pride.


Accessories are a complement to intrigue


Vazol-Gay fashion rules everyone should know-How I look gay in fashionActually, accessories will give you functionality and compliment your desired look, they will bring a gay man to life.


Their size can vary depending on taste and your needs. That is why handbags are an interesting option. You can choose from bags for your computer or a purse to attract more attention.


Meanwhile, scarves can help you highlight that outfit that you are dying to wear.


Use them in bright colors, but be careful, they add personality and do not end up detracting from your elegance.


What are the basic rules of fashion? Gay fashion rules


We must be clear that we do not always know how to combine properly for different occasions or how to arrange outfits to create harmony with them. Because of this, I’m here to help you keep up to date.


The first thing you need to know is that creativity has to be the secret ingredient. Do you want to know more? Well, keep reading for more.


1. Learn to manage patterns, Gay fashion rules


Vazol-Gay fashion rules everyone should know-How I look gay in fashionPatterns can make you stand out from the crowd because the color will give your life and also fill you with style. This, in turn, will make you feel free and elegant.


On the other hand, if you have already tried and want something more … Or if your personality is simply riskier, you can choose two patterns in the same outfit. However, you must be very careful to not go overboard and find the neutral point.


How do you do this? Simple, always choose two patterns with the same color combination or that are otherwise similar. Dare with flowers, stripes, or polka dots, keeping, as I explained, the other pieces neutral so that those patterns are the ones that capture all the attention.


2. Casual long t-shirts


Vazol-Gay fashion rules everyone should know-How I look gay in fashionLong shirts are always a safe option for when you have no idea what to wear, that is why you should have a few of these. After all, they will get you out of problems. 


For an exquisite look, opt for tops at mid-thigh length. (Yes, this is why robes are so modern.) So don’t be afraid to wear them with skinny jeans.


This option will make you look relaxed and quite on-trend.


If you are thinking about summer and you don’t want anything with pants, then shorts are your ideal option. It can be beige or whatever color you prefer.


3. Tight clothing to flatter, Gay fashion rules


Vazol-Gay fashion rules everyone should know-How I look gay in fashionNot many are fans of wearing tight clothes. However, these garments are perfect to show those muscles.


If you don’t have them, don’t worry, the good thing about tight clothing is that it shows what is necessary.


Now, it is not that you are going to look like a bambino, no sir, you must be comfortable.


Remember, your movements must come out naturally and without fear that when you raise your arm an accident will occur.



4. No biceps, no flannels


This is a very important aspect to keep in mind because if you don’t have toned arms, sleeveless shirts are unfavorable. Remember that you have to make it fit very well and wear flattering clothes.


5. Shoes create a good style, Gay fashion rules


This is a truth that must be set in stone. You have to understand that no look is complete without footwear. Many times, your look will depend on your shoes to pass the test. So, we really have to be careful with them.


I want you to feel bold and elegant, always turning heads, so be sure to choose your good-quality shoes.


6. The leather jacket, that basic that should be a priority


Creating your wardrobe is very important to mark your style, and it is thanks to this that we have to get a little thoughtful when it comes to acquiring new things. However, starting at the beginning, what you really need to consider as a staple is the leather jacket. With it, you can experiment and it can even be an addiction daily.


7. Everything must fit in harmony, Gay fashion rules


Do you know why women turn to gays for fashion advice? It’s because gay people have an innate sense of what looks good and what doesn’t.


So, you must take this into account as a personal one. Turn into someone who can advise on how to overcome a broken heart with good vibes.


Be the first with the handkerchiefs on the table and Celine Dion in the background.


Avoid jeggings and always try to find a suit that goes perfectly with your body. Find styles with bold patterned shirts, a pocket square, and you’ll go from boring and understated to bursting with color and personality in no time.


How do you know if you are good at fashion? Gay fashion rules


This is very subjective. In reality, we live in a world full of subjectivities, save for science and technology. The situation is that dominating this world goes beyond being up-to-date on all the collections or shows of the week.


You have to know about art, history, and document yourself with books, films, and exhibitions. In fact, fashion has evolved so much and so rapidly that these changes have been linked to the social, political, and economic movements that have been analyzed to mark society and culture.


So, to be good, in addition to knowledge, you must know what to combine, what can’t you combine, and what could be a hit or miss. It is losing the fear of showing that personality trait that characterizes you as different from the rest, to interpret your style.


Satisfied with these rules? Did you know them? Do you have one more? At Vazol we are delighted to learn from you, so tell us any other rules you know, and let’s talk.

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