Fashionable men's colors to wear

Fashionable men’s colors to wear for your office looks

Fashionable men’s colors to wear for your office looks. When it comes to going to work, it´s no longer only important what you wear concerning the dress code. But colors are also deemed as important. Because it´s through them that we can communicate things without having to speak.


For a few years, office clothes have been much more informal than ever. And the truth is that nobody complains about this. Because it was time to start being less old school. And for the office to allow us an interesting space to express our personality, as well as the freedom to innovate and create. As long as everything is within the established parameters, of course.


Now, it´s also true that sometimes the understanding of how we dress for the office can be a bit off. And that it´s no longer just about etiquette, but about what we want to project. Because a determined man is worth two.


In this sense, it´s very important to know how to dress for the role of a boss. Or simply as an office worker. That´s why in Vazol we will talk about these colors to wear to the office. So you can look with the best of styles, like a true fashionable man.


How to dress to work in the office? For men


Fashionable men's colors to wearIt´s not only about knowing how to dress but also about the colors with which you decide to dress. Each color communicates something specific. And that´s why you must follow these steps that will help you have a better style. To always look successful, and also project an image of power. Take note of these colors.


The white color. This color transmits purity, tranquility, peace, and freedom. It´s a color that shows you´re focused on life, simple, and also dedicated to what you do. So, wearing this color projects that responsibility. Obviously, avoid stains.


The color grey. It´s an election that for many is very unusual. However, it will help you stand out from the crowd. This color is super interesting because you must already imagine that it´s in the middle between white and black. Wearing it can show formality or a relaxed attitude. And if you wear it with a blue or brown shirt, no one will be able to resist your professionalism.


The cream color or beige. It´s a plus version of the traditional white. This color has become a key to conveying to the world a strong sense of sophistication and good taste. You can wear it in pants combined with a shirt in neutral and light tones such as blue, white or grey.


The color blue. If what you´re looking for is to look more reliable, authoritative, and a little calm and young. Then this color is perfect for you. You can wear it in a suit or an accessory such as a shirt or simply in a jacket. Something that you add to a more relaxed look.


The color green. This color is perfect. Yes, read again, perfect. No matter the shade, it will always look fresh. Wearing this color can show that you know how to work as a team, you always contribute ideas. Likewise, that you strive and transform yourself. It´s optimism at its best.


How to dress for the office?


Fashionable men's colors to wearTo go to the office, the best thing you can implement when talking about style is to wear the semi-formal. Which you can achieve by adopting certain clothes that will help you create a good work environment. In this sense, I want to talk to you, starting with the colors we talked about above. And about how you can apply them to the office and look impeccable.


Casual style. If your work is casual and you don’t need direct contact with clients, you can take a very casual look and transform it. The interesting thing about this is that going half sport is not synonymous with dressing badly. If they’re within the parameters of what is considered allowed, then it’s fine. So, you can wear jeans and sneakers, however, ripped jeans are very discarded by common sense.


Smart-casual style. We call it smart-casual because of companies where there are young employees since they´re focused on dynamism.


This style provides a mix of sport combined with more elegant aspects, without losing credibility. You can opt for a blazer and shirt without a tie.


How to look elegant in the office?


In addition to what I have told you above. There are also things that you can consider when it comes to wearing a slightly more serious and elegant style. The important thing is that you chose what you decide to wear, taking into account the colors. So, take note of these tips.


  • For a business casual style, Fashionable men’s colors to wear.


This is already more attached to what we commonly see in the office, where professionalism plays a very important role. Still, comfort is not left behind. This look is perfect for structured businesses, so I recommend a suit without a tie.


  • For a business style.


This outfit is par excellence the one that had always been worn. This look is characteristic of companies. Keep in mind that the key to nailing this outfit is simplicity. Blue, gray, or beige jacket and tie.


  • For a formal business style, Fashionable men’s colors to wear.


Fashionable men's colors to wearThis formal business dress code is one of the most classic office dress codes. It offers you a really formal attire, where you can’t allow yourself much room for creativity. People wear it particularly at high levels of management and official company occasions. You need a white shirt with a dark suit and a sober tie.


What do you think of this article? Do you feel that you can choose the best colors to wear to the office without being out of tune from now on? 


At Vazol we hope this is the case. And that it inspires you to find those garments that are so necessary when going to work.


In the meantime, we’d like to continue helping you find value and well-made pieces. The kind that can show who you are and achieve extraordinary things with your outfit. So, we invite you to stop by our store to buy everything you like and relate to yourself.

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