Fashion mistakes that make you look bigger

Fashion mistakes that make you look bigger

Fashion mistakes that make you look bigger. I´m more than convinced that sometimes you´re like me. And you look in the mirror and say something like “I´m not happy with how I look”. Or “I would really like to lose those extra pounds”. What’s more, I can swear on my life that many times you grab your love handles, existing or not, and exaggerate them a lot.


Telling the truth, I can tell you that this is not always the case. We don´t always gain 10 pounds in one night, even if we have eaten a huge hamburger. It´s simply about the clothes we wear and above all, how we combine them that makes us look plump.


In this sense, I want to tell you that there are mistakes we make when combining garments. Which are considered a serious mistake when it comes to dressing. And that´s why they make us look one or two sizes above who we are. That’s what we come to talk to you about in Vazol. Of the fashion mistakes that make you look bigger and after reading them, I hope you don’t make them again.


What clothes make you look bigger?


Fashion mistakes that make you look biggerContrary to what people believe, if you consider yourself plump, wearing baggy or oversized clothing doesn´t make you look less thick.


Also, oversize clothing isn´t the same as baggy clothing that is equivalent to three sizes more.


That´s why we must take into account that clothes can change how your body is perceived.


Likewise, I don´t recommend patterns with too much volume, ruffles, or too much sparkle.


Since with this you will only be adding pounds to your body. Managing to blur it and make it appear larger than it is. It´s best to choose designs that suit you according to your type of constitution.


  • If you´re slim, Fashion mistakes that make you look bigger.


You have a slightly muscular structure and long limbs, so you must add volume. You can favor t-shirts and shirts with prints or horizontal stripes that are straight.


Pants, also straight cut with prints or with large pockets that help with volume.


Now, if you´re going to choose a suit, it shouldn´t be so bulky. Because it can give the feeling that it´s too big.


Shirts and ties are the ones that will give you that volume you need.


One of the things you should avoid is too tight clothes, dark colors, and vertical stripes. Which even if they stylize you, will give the feeling of being thinner.



  • If you´re muscular, Fashion mistakes that make you look bigger.


This body is characterized by having a V shape and they have wide shoulders and a narrow waist.


So, you should try to show an interesting balance between the shoulders, waist, and legs.


To do this, you have to try to add volume to the lower part, which is what we must increase.


You can add light colors to give the sensation of volume and dark colors favor you on top. Remember that shirts and t-shirts shouldn´t be loose or too tight, a medium-term is fine.


While if you want to get a suit, try to choose thin ties that disguise the volume and dark colors with straight pants.


  • If you´re chubby, Fashion mistakes that make you look bigger.


Generally, if you have a thick complexion, you certainly tend to gain weight. These types of people have wide waists and short limbs. So, it´s important to choose the size very well.


Since if you choose very wide garments, it adds volume, and if you choose too small you seem bigger.


Vertical stripes are better for you, alongside dark shirts, also plain. Pants that are high-waisted so that they reduce volume.


And in general, everything that provides verticality and manages to hide the volume. Neutral colors are also a great option.


If you choose suits, be careful with ties. Make sure they´re very thin, or you can go for bow ties. And about jackets, avoid double-breasted at all costs.


What is the color that makes you look the biggest?


Yes, I know that there are times that no matter how hard we look, nothing makes us look thinner. However, it´s not just a matter of what we wear, but we must also consider the color. And although it seems crazy, you don’t need too much effort. The secret is to strategically choose the colors of your clothing and know how to combine them. Take note.


Light and bright colors add more volume than dark ones. Then, use these dark colors in the parts of your body where you are most evident. Another important tip is that black is slimmer, but you don´t always have to wear black for life. There´s a range of possibilities such as navy blue, chocolate, bottle green, or charcoal gray.


Also, consider that prints are not flattering, since they provide more volume than solid colors. If you like them, don’t give up. Just make sure they´re small and that they don´t contrast in color between the background and the motif.


Another trick is to use a single color be it from the same range or just one. Keep in mind that this multiplies when it´s dark. Also always try to know your color type and have it identified to know which are the tones that best suit you.


How to hide the fact that I gained some pounds?


If you find yourself in this situation where you know that you have put on weight. And your pants are already tightening so much that they pull out a double waist or simply deform that area. Don’t worry, there are ways to hide it and one of them is with a slightly larger shirt.


You can get some fitted shirts in our store. Which although you may feel that it´s a bit ironic, they will provide incredible confidence and style. It´s not just about hiding, but sometimes you can show and get very favorable results.


For this reason, at Vazol we invite you not to be afraid to wear tight garments. As long as they adapt to your figure, personality, and style, everything will be fine. And, try not to make these fatal fashion mistakes that have the opposite effect to what you want to show. The trick is always in how you take advantage of your body type.

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