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Dress in Bermuda shorts in the best style for spring-summer

Dress in Bermuda shorts in the best style for spring-summer. If there is a characteristic item of clothing this season, it definitely is Bermuda shorts. And with the imminent arrival of warm weather, long-awaited in many regions, everyone is getting ready to wear loose, fresh, cheerful, and fun clothing for these hot days.


We warn you in advance that wearing shorts is an art. Contrary to what you might think, it’s more complex than putting on these shorts with any shirt and some kicks and hitting the street. This type of garment dictates specific guidelines to be worn properly. And for this reason, today, we want to help you by giving you the best advice. All so you can put together impactful looks with shorts for this spring-summer.


What should you consider when choosing a Bermuda short?


Vazol - Dress in Bermuda shorts in the best style for spring-summer - ChinosLet’s start with the details that you should take into account when choosing a short so you can make a good and lasting investment:


  • Length, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


Make sure that the distance from the knee to the top is 1 to 2 inches long. Because if it’s longer than that, it will make you look like a bit of a hippie. And if it’s shorter than that, you might look like a schoolboy.


  • Type


That they have a proper fit, meaning that they are not wide like cargo pants or too tight. Because that would make your legs seem shorter.


  • Colors, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


Regarding color, it will always be determined by your tastes and preferences. However, the best ones are those that combine with many garments, such as black, brown, cream or beige, or blue.


For the most daring, you can opt for patterned fabrics, whether checkered, striped, or minimalist patterns.


According to the shape of your legs


Vazol - Dress in Bermuda shorts in the best style for spring-summer - Man with Bermudas

  • Thick thighs


Lean towards dark colors and thus show off this more stylized or thin area.


  • Thin thighs, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


Here the idea is to add volume to your legs. So, selecting slightly shorter models with buttons, various pockets, contrasting trims, and pleats will add texture and weight to the legs.





Vazol - Dress in Bermuda shorts in the best style for spring-summer - Young man with Bermuda shorts

  • Hem


Try to choose straight-cut models to easily fold the hem and prevent the garment from being tight on your legs, causing discomfort when walking. In the same way, it is recommended that they also have adjustment cords. So that you can control the size or the button cords and prevent them from opening, such as the closure cords.


  • With Socks, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


Shorts with socks is not a combination that is very well received by everyone. However, it is a current trend that has seduced many. Therefore, the retro printed models for an urban style, or the thick ones in outdoor boots for a resistant aspect, are perfect to wear with your shorts.


In the same way, most of the shoes that go well with this garment are perfect without socks. However, if you feel that you don´t want them noticeable, you can opt for ankle socks that are discreet and will also give comfort.


  • Keep them above the knee


One of the main characteristics of Bermuda shorts is that they are a type of short pants. That is, the length must reach above the knee. Otherwise, they would lose their essence, in addition to facilitating mobility and movement


What are the models of Bermuda shorts?


Vazol - Dress in Bermuda shorts in the best style for spring-summer - Young man with Bermuda shorts

  • Chinos


This type of cut is very trendy in pants and shorts. It gives the opportunity to be combined with an infinite number of upper garments such as shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, and even sweatshirts. They are an ideal model for semi-formal and casual occasions.


  • Denim, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


The jean or denim fabric converts the garments made in it into wardrobe staples and is ideal to combine with practically everything. So, it is unsurprising that we include this type in the list of models for its versatility and consider it an essential.


Vazol - Dress in Bermuda shorts in the best style for spring-summer - Men's long pants

  • Classic Cut


This so-called classic model is made of a simple and smooth material, cut at the knee and standing out for its simplicity, with pockets on the sides and some folds.


  • Sporty, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


It is the most informal model, commonly made of polyester. It is very comfortable and practical to wear but not to be taken to casual meetings.



How to wear shorts with style?


Vazol - Carrying your things comfortably - Man with shirt - Hawaiian shirt.

  • Various models of shirts


The use of shorts is not exclusive to t-shirts or chemises. On the contrary, you can put together a semi-formal or casual look for a night out by combining this garment with shirts, tight sweaters, and jackets and get different styles according to the occasion.


  • Say yes to prints, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


Bermuda shorts are an excellent garment to be worn with prints, especially this coming season, where color and patterns are kings of outfits and obtain a style worthy of spring-summer.


If you choose this option, keep in mind that small patterns will look more subtle, modern, and sophisticated, giving you a minimalist air, while larger ones will make you look classic and original.


So, choose the one that best suits your taste and style and enjoy your outings.


Vazol - Carrying your things comfortably - Man with shirt

  • Bermuda Cargo


There is nothing more useful and versatile than cargo shorts. The pockets attached to the sides of it offer the ease of carrying your things comfortably and safely, and separately. In addition, you can well wear it with t-shirts, as well as shirts for a more casual and urban look.


  • Tailor Bermuda shorts, Dress in Bermuda shorts.


Simple, unicolor, with few details, and with a few pockets and fitted to the figure. They are excellent to wear with shirts and jackets and are the perfect garment for you to put together a special casual look for meetings or parties.


With these tips and advice for wearing shorts, you will undoubtedly make incredible combinations and look great in these coming seasons.

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