Dare to wear male makeup

Would you dare to wear male makeup?

Would you dare to wear male makeup? For many years, makeup has been considered a beauty tool. So, ignoring all the social constructs that may exist, we must start breaking them to understand that it´s not a gender thing. Several brands have already launched collections for men and every day it becomes more and more popular.


Besides, we always see on television hosts, actors, and real make-up models who do a thousand times better than women. So, get this into your head: beauty isn’t about gender, it’s about style. And just look at Johnny Depp and his under eyeliner.


Putting on makeup is a synonym of care, that you care about your style and your appearance. It also makes us highlight those areas that favor us and hide imperfections. The natural is what´s in fashion, remember that.


Good makeup helps us to have even skin and provides a healthy appearance. Do you want to know more? Get to the mirror and some brushes that I explain best to you!


What´s male makeup? Dare to wear male makeup.


Dare to wear male makeupLike everything in life, men’s skin is completely different from women’s. So, you tend to have thicker and probably oilier skin, so the pores are open. You can also have hair. It´s these elements along with others that make you take precautions when wearing it.


The light. Light influences both genders in the same way. However, we can think that male makeup must be invaluable because it seeks to find the most natural aspect. In this sense, it´s important to know that artificial light makes the products more noticeable.


Colors, products, and textures. Textures should be very natural, except if you´re going to appear on television, media such as photographs, or videos.


About the colors you can use, get inspired, anything is possible. Now, the products you can use are moisturizers and aftershave balms.


How to do a man´s makeup?


Dare to wear male makeupIf you still have doubts and are not sure if this convinces you or not, I want to tell you that there are products that provide a natural finish. And certain brands can help you give a healthy appearance without being too flashy. How? Take note!


  • Beginners: sun powder and concealer.


It may sound more complicated than it is, but I tell you that instead of serum, cleanser, or powders, you can go for long-lasting products with natural finishes and light textures, such as sun powder to give a simple and matte look to a natural finish.


Sun powders are called bronzing powders. Its texture is transparent and light, allowing it to be applied unanimously on the face with a brush or sponge, giving light touches. I recommend that you get a shade that suits your skin tone.


Now, another important product is concealer. Which erases and conceals dark circles and imperfections and gives the face an air of rest and uniformity. If we don´t want it to be noticed, we must choose the same tone of our skin.


  • Advanced: Foundation, Dare to wear male makeup.


Dare to wear male makeupFoundation is a creamy product with a light texture that´s generally used as a first step in putting on makeup. Many men don´t use it for fear of looking less natural and getting noticed. But, if you go for a light or hydrating texture with color, it won’t show you’re wearing it.


There is a CC cream, which has a moisturizer and pigment. It can come in a gel or cream format that gives a natural face without it looking like makeup. The only thing is that if you use it at night, try to wash your face before sleeping. Because it could stain the pillow and clog your pores.


  • Expert mode: color, Dare to wear male makeup.


Yes, you can wear makeup, just look at James Charles, who looks beautiful with his super-done eyes like an expert. What do you have to consider? That makeup adapts to you and your personality. In a way that you don´t look too sober if you´re not, or too loaded if you are the opposite. So, if you want lipstick, use it!


How can a man put on makeup without being noticed?


It doesn’t need to be an extravaganza if you don’t want it to be. You can keep in mind, for example, what you should avoid. We´re going to let you how to do it so that it turns out perfect based on what you should not do:


Don’t use a highlighter. Unless you´re thinking about elaborate makeup. But, if you want something natural and not noticeable, go for matte products, so that it blends in with the skin.


Don’t use blush. Like the highlighter, if you want your makeup not to show, you should avoid it to maintain masculine features.


Don’t wear dark shades. The beauty of makeup is that it flows, that it´s not noticeable, and that it looks natural. So, I don´t think you should wear dark colors if you want to avoid attracting attention. Still, I advise that you consult a professional about the color that best suits your skin type and color.


Now that you know what not to use, I´m going to show you now what you can do. What you, in each area of ​​your skin want to make up to look spectacular and natural.


Step by step of makeup.


First, wash your face thoroughly. You can exfoliate if necessary, with warm water to remove dead skin. The next step is to give it moisture, so you should use a cotton toner and gently pat your face with it, then moisturizing cream.


Third, you can apply the liquid foundation of the color closest to your skin with a sponge. The coat should be thin. Follow with the concealer to hide those dark circles and gently spread it with your fingers. Then you can brush the loose powder around the eye area to set. Finally, use lipstick to provide softness.


What do you think of these steps? Would you dare to wear men’s makeup? In our store, you will find perfect clothes that you can match with the type of makeup you want to do, so you look amazing with it. Have you already visited us? What are you waiting for?

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