Corsets for men

Corsets for men, what you should know

Corsets for men, what you should know. Generally, we associate the word corset with women, and how it shapes their silhouette to make it more attractive, highlights curves, and reduces waste. However, not only women have used this piece to mark, maintain or train the torso for aesthetic reasons.


Men have also used them since the 18th century. Did you know? Today I will tell you about everything you need to know about them and their reference in history.


This garment is very beneficial for many reasons, and in addition to aesthetics, it has health benefits that we cannot let go unnoticed. Are you interested in learning more about the corset and its benefits?


Keep reading to learn more, I am sure that when you finish this article, you will want to fly to buy yours.


When did men start wearing the corset?


Corsets for menIf we talk about history, we will reach the year 1550 BC, when the inhabitants of the Island of Crete used it to highlight their figure. However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that the corset was a “boom” for the male audience, first appearing in advertisements, cartoons, and texts.


When the figure of “The Dandy”, who is the archetype of a bourgeois person, full of personality, refined in his dress and with high knowledge in fashion, appeared in the world, he gained great importance in physical appearance and leisure. The Dandy, used corsets to shape the figure and create soft lines in his silhouette and thus be in fashion.


Unfortunately, in the second half of the 19th century, men stopped using it for aesthetics and began to see it more for health issues, as the world and social constructs began to encourage men not to pay attention to the trivia of the world Fashion.


What if a man wears a corset?


Corsets for menThe man who wears a corset will be able to accentuate his V-shape from the shoulders to the waist and will soften his stomach line.


In this sense, men’s corsets don’t try to enhance the waist as in the case of women, but also as back support like scoliosis.


Besides, they can also be combined as separate pieces or vests.


Currently, this garment is rarely used in men, and in addition to the above, the corset can give you a natural hourglass shape. So, the effectiveness of the corset will depend on the quality of the fit.


Regarding the health benefits, we find some important points to highlight:


  • Personal appearance: Corsets for men


They help you reduce and shape the contour of the abdomen, so what you wear will be perfect. It is for this reason that your self-esteem and self-image will improve, your confidence will increase, allowing you to look better.


  • Controlled weight:


Not that the corset will do a job just for massages, of course not. If you wear a corset you should eat better, because otherwise, you could feel the swelling and discomfort when wearing it. After all, it is too tight.


  • Say goodbye to hernias: Corsets for men


If you have a hernia, the use of the corset could be quite positive, as it will help to compress the hernia. Still not convinced to use it?


  • Reduce contour:


If you have a few extra pounds, I recommend that you use the corset because it is an incredible alternative to hide the annoying chubby that we want to hide, and on many occasions, we don’t know how. With it as an ally, you can highlight your aesthetics and your clothes will look like a magazine model.


How effective is a corset?


It’s incredibly effective for many reasons. Among them, that for overweight people, the corset will give you mobility, mold your abdomen and improve your posture.


Visually, it will make you look slimmer and taller. For its part, it will fill you with exquisite confidence that will allow you to do the unthinkable.


In this sense, the piece adapts to your body and will provide you with a perfect fit that will improve your posture and stylize your silhouette (it will even blow your bubbles).


So what are you waiting for to find yours?



How should a corset be worn?


In men, wearing a corset with style is also possible. It will give you incredible sensuality and elegance if you use it properly. The best? You can wear it at any time of the day and for different special occasions. We’re all wearing corsets like The Bridgertons!


Take note, I will tell you how to wear two types of corsets for different occasions!


  • Corset for the office, Corsets for men


You should already know that the corset will shape your figure and make you stand out in the office. So, if your corset is like a jacket, you can wear it over a dress shirt in a basic shade and pleated pants. How’s it going? Do you like it?


It will keep you in good posture all the time and will prevent your waist from hurting because of it, in addition, it will hide undesirable love handles. Oh, and your column will thank you!


  • Corset for a meeting with friends, Corsets for men


Do you love the corset as a girdle? The truth is perfect to use it on outings with friends. I recommend wearing it over a long-sleeved shirt with transparent and black fabrics, metallic paints, and your favorite black shoes. You will be the center of attention! I assure.


The particularity of this girdle corset is that it will reduce your waist and favor the V silhouette.


What is the best type of corset? Corsets for men


For men, there are not as many types of corsets as in the case of women. However, several models will allow you to look comfortable and confident in your favorite garment. In turn, you can wear them outside or inside your clothes.


First, we have vests with zippers made with leather, they have the particularity of being slimming and shaping due to the shape of their waist.


Next, we also find body shapers made of neoprene to shape and work the silhouette, and without exercising.


Now, you can also find the type vests or in the form of a belt. Actually, there are several options available to you that will make you look spectacular with the outfit you decide on.



Corset for men, what you should know


From Vazol we want to invite and encourage you to use this wonderful garment for its design and manufacture. In turn, know that if you want to get one, unfortunately getting it will not be an easy task, however, nothing is impossible. You can have one made to measure and in the way you like. What do you think of this topic? We want to know your opinion. Leave it in the comments!

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