combine your men's pleated pants

Here’s how to combine your men’s pleated pants

Here’s how to combine your men’s pleated pants. If you love fashion and always want to stay in trend, let me tell you that you have come to the ideal place. Because today, we’ll talk about a very interesting basic garment that from time to time comes back to take our breath away. Do you know which one I’m talking about? Pleated pants!


Now, everybody knows that wide and pleated pants are nothing new. However, their evolution and how people adapt to them are becoming more and more popular. As a result, they’re now a timeless classic that everyone should have.


Its cuts and seams under the waistband allow for better comfort, as well as roominess. Today, we can find them with other manufacturing techniques that we can notice in their fabrics and functionality.


In this sense, if you love to put together different and stylish outfits, keep reading! Because at Vazol we want to show you some ideas that can be very inspiring. Prepared? Take note!


What is a clothespin?


combine your men's pleated pantsBefore talking to you about how to combine this timeless garment, I would like to talk about what a clothespin is. Many times we hear “clothespin” but we have no idea how to differentiate it from the rest, what is a clothespin?


Let me explain briefly: the dart is a fold sewn into the garment that makes it acquire the volume that makes it fit better to the body.


They are triangular or rhombus-shaped. However, we see some with curvature.


There are two types of clothespins: Italian and English.


The former are those that open on themselves outward, which is what allows the front width of the pants, while the latter do so from the inside and form two folds. Now you know how to identify them.


How to wear pleated pants?


combine your men's pleated pantsPleated pants had their first boom in the eighties when they became a very common garment. Today, it can be said that they are part of casual and very formal styles.


They are loose at the waist thanks to the width provided by the dart, and the waist is medium-high. Within their designs, we can find straight ones and also wide legs.


Besides, they can be combined with short-sleeved shirts or polo, as long as it’s inside the pants. Now, if your pleated trousers are dress pants, you should wear them with long sleeves the same inside.


The versatility of this garment allows you to combine it with coats, leather jackets, and even a dress shirt.


Its variety of fabrics, colors, and designs make it an ideal element for uniforms for comfort, style, elegance and also gives you a lot of style. Do you want to know some combinations? Here are some!


  • Casual, but stylish.


Wearing pleated pants will hardly make you look informal. However, if you don’t feel like dressing up or don’t know what to wear to a meeting with your friends or a night out, opt for pleated pants with a basic white shirt. Simple, but with taste!


  • Look a bit classic and street style, combine your men’s pleated pants.


Streetwear can perfectly blend with classic style and give you a very chic and powerful style. You can combine your pleated pants with a shirt of the same color. Add a cap as an accessory to look more attractive. And when it comes to shoes, there’s no better option than black or white shoes.


  • Revolutionize the classic look.


With this, I mean that you can look like in the 50s, so don’t be afraid to use them with designs that look like your grandfather. You can combine it with a knitted sweater or a coat. I assure you that it will be a great success. Add some mules to give it the chic touch.


  • In casual style to impress, combine your men’s pleated pants.


You can wear pleated pants for regular days. Wear them with a shirt like the ones we have in our store, whatever your preference is, as long as it’s shiny and transparent and an overshirt as a complement. Finish your look with some white tennis shoes. You will be surprised by such a radical change!


  • Semi-Formal to impress.


Opt to pair the black pleated pants with a basic white t-shirt and a striped gray suit jacket, your oxfords, and socks to blow everyone away wherever you go.


  • Very Vazol style, combine your men’s pleated pants.


We couldn’t stay behind. Because you can wear pleated pants perfectly with any of our shirts, with transparencies, glitter, asymmetric cuts, or prints. The Lycra fabric will adjust to your figure and will allow you a very sensual style that won’t go unnoticed.


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Why should I wear black pleated pants?


Black dress or pleated pants are that basic that everyone wants to have for their functionality. These pants go with everything you decide to wear. From a suit in total look to suits combining colors.


These pants allow you to let your imagination fly, and nothing you decide to combine them with will go wrong.


So go for suit jackets with checked, striped or plain prints in neutral tones such as gray, olive green, brown, navy blue, or camel.


Wear it in three pieces or two, with a tie, accessories. What’s important is to upkeep your attitude and showcase your personality. What do you think of black pleated pants?


How to combine navy-blue pants for men?


If you have navy blue pleated pants at home, but you don’t know how to combine them, don’t worry. Next, we here at Vazol will show you some tricks that may help you.


  • Button-up shirt, combine your men’s pleated pants.


Button-down shirts are an interesting alternative to combine the garment that passes through your head. Its sobriety can be used to achieve a more serious look. In white, black, or navy blue.


  • T-Shirts, combine your men’s pleated pants.


Wearing t-shirts can also help you lower the elegance of your pants and provide a more sporty look. So you can wear them with pink, light gray, white or blue shirts.


  • Prints, combine your men’s pleated pants.


They are an alternative that can be perfectly complemented with blue pants like plaid, as long as you don’t overdo it. That is red, gray, white, or black tones. Also, flower prints will look great, just try not to be too big or flashy.


Combine your men’s pleated pants


From Vazol we hope that from now on you already know how to come up with incredible combinations to wear with pleated pants and we invite you to visit our store to find some daring and different t-shirts that we are sure you will love and will also look great with what you wear. What do you think? What is your style?

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