Vazol - Learn to combine and wear a black suit with style - Elegant man

Learn to combine and wear a black suit with style

Learn to combine and wear a black suit with style. Special occasions require special clothing, that´s for sure. And for semi-formal or formal events, the black suit is always the ideal and successful option to be dressed for the occasion and comply with the dress code.


Wearing a black suit may seem like an easy task. However, many people tend to have doubts since, due to its basic color and sobriety, you can fall into repetitive and monotonous combinations that do not make you stand out from the rest. Of course, we strive to achieve a different effect.


The Internet is nowadays the favorite place to look for inspiration when putting an outfit together. When we have to do some combination, we always turn to the web to get that perfect fit with which we want to dazzle the rest. And here you will find those references you need to learn how to combine a black suit!


The classic black suit is timeless and versatile, so it never goes out of style and goes very well for any occasion that calls for it. From going to a wedding to a work meeting or a casual outing where you go without a tie.


And of course, due to its black color, it is possible to wear it with an infinite range of colors and combine it with other types of fabrics and models. This makes this suit reinvent itself whenever necessary, so keep reading to learn how to wear it with style.


When do you wear a Black Suit?


Vazol - Learn to combine and wear a black suit with style - Elegant man

As we mentioned, the black suit is considered basic but very versatile. Since it is possible to wear it for different things, both casual and formal.


Black is the color that represents elegance and sobriety, but at the same time, it is perfect for combining and creating different looks according to the occasion that arises.


Now, you can wear a black suit to go to the office, attend a meeting or get-together, or go to a wedding or a cocktail-type event. Of course, it is essential to know that black is reserved for the night. So, it would not be appropriate to wear a black suit for a wedding or any day party because the color would not match, and the heat would be stifling.


What color shirt goes with a black suit?


The answer would be: the one that you like, and that suits your taste and style. Imagination is the limit. However, there are specific colors that we want to recommend and that you should try on. All to look simply phenomenal in your black suit:


Vazol - Learn to combine and wear a black suit with style - Elegant man

  • Grey


Depending on its hue, it can even look very similar to the suit, and in its lighter versions, it is considered a neutral color, which will look very elegant.


If you have sober tastes, this combination is ideal.


And don’t be afraid to look dull, since with grey, even if it is opaque, you can stand out and not go unnoticed, as could happen with a white shirt.


  • Blue, Wear a black suit.


Have you ever rejected this combination for not considering it attractive? If the answer is yes, we know that, for a long time, blue with black is a mixture that has not been well regarded. But we can tell you that if both are elegant colors by themselves, imagine how they would be together. An explosion of luxury and a safe bet for looking good.


Vazol - Learn to combine and wear a black suit with style - Elegant man

  • Graphic


Do you like modernity and being in trend? Try a graphic print shirt for a totally different look, and it is perfect for parties and night events that don´t require much formality or etiquette.


  • Black, Wear a black suit.


A total look is always a success and a yes, without a doubt. Far from thinking that this way of wearing your black suit will look too sober, severe, or too dark, you have to focus on the elegance that you will emit by combining the same color in all the clothes.


If you want to stand out, you can go for different fabrics. You can even use a shirt made of shiny fabric like satin and thus make a difference even while wearing the same color.


Now, if you want to add a little something, you can wear a tie of a different color to make your outfit less ordinary and also give it a fun touch.


How to combine the black suit


Vazol - Learn to combine and wear a black suit with style - Elegant man

  • With a black T-shirt


We already mentioned this combination before and reaffirm that it is an easy and fast way to look very modern.


Wearing all black but with a simple T-shirt will make you look casual but with a touch of subtle elegance at the same time.




Vazol - Making yourself look incredible - Elegant man

  • With a polo shirt, Wear a black suit.


If you are going to a place or meeting where things are not that formal, wearing the black suit with a polo-type t-shirt will break a little with the elegance the suit naturally brings. And you will be able to achieve a super casual and fresh look.


  • Rock style


As we have seen Keanu Reeves in a black suit with graphic tees, we recommend this if you want something different and if this grunge style goes with you. Of course, pick a suit that is open to show off the print of your shirt.


  • Casual with no tie, Wear a black suit.


Another way to get away from the formal look is by wearing your black suit with a white shirt, open to a little above the middle. You will look casual, attractive, and with the air of a sexy bad guy.


Vazol - Making yourself look incredible - Elegant man

  • The Classic


A black suit, white shirt, and black tie is a traditional combination that will always work and is a safe and effective bet on style and good dressing.


  • Three-Piece, Wear a black suit.


Another very sophisticated way is to wear a black 3-piece suit, making you look classic. Add a patterned tie in bright colors, and you will be the talk of the event.


  • With patterned shirts


We talked above about wearing a black suit with shirts with graphic prints for a modern look, but all kinds of prints are here. The minimalist ones are the most elegant to wear.


  • Shiny, Wear a black suit.


If you have more of a retro style, look for those shiny silk shirts in the color that you like the most, and boom, you are back in the 70s, with style and personality.


  • With a sweater


Another way to dress with three pieces is to add a sweater to the black suit and look really trendy.


Vazol - Making yourself look incredible - Elegant man

  • Different shades of black, Wear a black suit.


Make sure that wearing a total black look doesn’t make you think that each piece can’t stand out. Because it is acceptable to combine shades and brightness of black to differentiate the shirt from the suit.


Wearing a black suit is not an impossible mission, and making yourself look incredible with a basic and classic garment is possible with these tips we have just given you here. So, choose the one that best suits you, and prepare to shine on your special nights!

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