combine a man's hat

This is how you should combine a man’s hat

This is how you should combine a man’s hat. I’m a fan of the unique, and in the case of the garments or accessories that help to make that difference, we find the hat. Do you have a hat? Do you like hats? You don’t know how to combine it to look very fashionable? Don’t look any further! I have the solution for you.


At Vazol we conducted a study on how to wear this accessory with style and elegance. Next, I will show you how to complement your outfits with it and look incredible, full of personality, class, modernity, and also a lot of elegance. Prepared? Go for it!


First, there are many types of hats that over time have evolved and adapted to new trends. It’s no secret to anyone that not everything looks good for everyone. That’s why I’m here to help you find the best one for you.


Trust me! You will be impressed by the versatility that this accessory can bring you. From informal to more formal styles, because yes, the daddy David Gandy’s model taught us that it’s all about attitude.


What is the correct way to put a hat on?


combine a man's hatA hat is a complement that since its inception has been considered an accessory of class and modernity. In this sense, there are several types of hats and to that, we add a wide variety of options to wear them with elegance and style.


To start, we’ll talk about the classic hat made to shield us from the sun. After these, we’ll move on to those designed to make us stand out and add something extra to our look. Today, you’ll learn how to choose the best one for you and, of course, how to wear them.


Wearing a hat is a matter of knowing how to place it on your head. At first glance, it may seem silly. However, this has its science, because when it comes to putting it on correctly, it must fit properly around our head.


Now, the proper way to wear a hat is with the brim parallel to the shoulders, straight and well attached to the head, but without resting on the ears. Two fingers above the eyebrows. The size you choose must be correct, that is, it should be fastened but not pressed so that it doesn’t disturb.


When should you wear a hat?


combine a man's hatI’m sure that at some point you wondered how and when to use them, as well as the type of hat you should wear for a certain occasion. And if we talk about them, I can confirm that there are many types of hats in the world: work, party, casual. Do you want to know the types and find out when you should use them? Take note!


First, there are different types of hats and they’re classified into: practical and decorative. According to GQ magazine, the practical focus is on protecting from the sun in the hot season and also in the cold if you require it. Here, utility is at the front more than aesthetics. Meanwhile, decoratives are mostly to “decorate” or complement the outfit.


Decoratives also called statements, seek to attract attention and the key is to mix it very well with the look you are wearing at the time. Of course, avoiding looking like something you decided to put on at the last minute.


Now, we won’t talk about all existing hats, but about those that are in trend:


The Fedora, Combine a man’s hat.


It’s a classic hat. This model paved the way for fashion to wear them. Its material is felt, which makes it soft. The border (brim) is wide, and they often come in brown or black, which makes it perfect for different situations.


The Boater, Combine a man’s hat.


This hat is characterized by its straw material and also has a band that decorates the lower part of the glass. It gives a retro summery air and is perfect for informal situations in the heat.


The Trilby.


Its boom was in the 30s with jazz bands and it’s characterized by having a narrow wing, the front is flat, and its side has a curve. We will find this type of hat in several versions.


Wing maximized, Combine a man’s hat.


It’s a blunt-sized cowboy hat. Truly a bet only for fashionistas.


How to use a cowboy hat? Combine a man’s hat.


The first thing to take into account is the size. Everything should fit your measurements. So, grab a tape measure and measure around your crown area.


Next, you should fix your hair, this way you will avoid lumps or strange shapes. Third, adjust, angle the edge and the front a little down and at an angle over your eyes.


The brim should roll on the side edges and lie flat front and back. You can combine it with jeans, plaid shirts or chinos with boots. You will look amazing.


What kind of people wear hats?


Actually, anyone who likes it can wear a hat. However, your hat should fit you perfectly, or be as close to it as possible. Luckily, to ensure this you can try different types such as wide brim, tapered, leather, wool, felt, elegant, iconic, and more. Just remember that it must fit you very well and make you feel comfortable wearing it.


What type of hat fits an oval face? Combine a man’s hat.


This face is very graceful, and the truth is that any type of hat will look great on it. If your face is round, take advantage of it and allow yourself to use what you want because it will go very well. You will remember me!


This is how you should combine a man’s hat


Combine a man's hatA hat is a classic accessory and there are, as you know now, certain rules to wear it. When should you take it off? At times like religious ceremonies, funerals, or when entering a home, office, or any place where an activity is taking place. Especially when you are eating.


Also, you should raise slightly when greeting, saying goodbye, or expressing gratitude. What do you think of the hat? Do you have yours? Do you use it? At Vazol we love to hear your experiences, so we hope this article will be useful for you and your outfits with a hat.

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