how to combine a belt for a man's outfit

How to combine a belt for a man’s outfit?

How to combine a belt for a man’s outfit? Say no to sagging pants! We can ally until we get it. And yes, I know that it isn’t always necessary to carry it. However, to achieve a unique, elegant, and striking style, the belt is that garment that will elevate your outfit from zero to one hundred.


Now, many types of belts can be adapted to various occasions, do you know what they are? Do you have any idea what are those basic belts that you should have in your closet? Quiet! Today at Vazol we have put together this interesting guide to teach you how to combine it.


The belt is an almost essential garment that everyone should have on hand. And although, as I explained before, it isn’t always necessary, sometimes it becomes a key part of your look and as good fashionistas, we don’t want that to happen to us.


How to dress with a belt?


how to combine a belt for a man's outfitIf everyone knew, this article wouldn’t be necessary. We have seen many wear a wide suit and belt with a huge buckle. How strong! In this sense, there are some rules that you should know when combining yours and not screw up.


It isn’t that complicated and I will explain to you in terms of casual and somewhat more formal looks. This way, you’ll know how to wear it and look so stunning that nobody will be able to take their eyes away from you.


A belt combined with shoes.


Basic rule number one. If your shoes are brown, the belt should be at least the same shade. Now, black is the easiest to combine with shoes of that color. Just consider the finish of the shoe and belt. The skins should be similar.


  • Combine in accessories. How to combine a belt for a man’s outfit.


how to combine a belt for a man's outfitIt doesn’t necessarily have to be the color of this piece, but also on the buckle. If your belt is made of gold, the accessories must be the same color, especially if the shoe has details in that tonality. Same with silver, focus on a silver watch and rings.


Now, the two previous points don’t apply to casual outfits. We don’t want a white belt with white sneakers, choose better for something that complements it. A curious fact is that light colors and white go well with light brown.


  • Width matters.


Belted, of course! Thin belts are for more formal outfits, while the wide ones are for something more casual. In this sense, if you want wide buckles, do it for a simpler look. Otherwise, it can be ruined and no, we don’t want that.


  • Size Matters. How to combine a belt for a man’s outfit.


In the case of belts, size matters, because if you’re thin, you aren’t going to buy a belt that is too long, which is the mistake that many people make.


You must measure it and always have two little holes. That will be the ideal measure.


  • Forget about worn-out belts.


This rule is equally important to everyone. Once your belt starts to look worn, old, torn, or unstitched, with huge holes from overuse, get rid of it immediately.


As much as you think it isn’t noticeable, it is and it ruins the outfit in seconds.


What kind of color should your belt be?


The belt is a friendly garment that can become our mortal enemy if you don’t combine it properly.


It can make you look more careless and completely out of place. So, I recommend that you pay close attention because I will be your fairy godmother.


The golden rule and elegance tell us that with dress pants, the belt must always be the same color as the shoes. The only exception is with black.


Now, there is a color that is perfect for everything, and it’s the brown belt. It’s perfect with any suit: blue, gray, white … any color, except black. Do you already have your brown belt?



How do you measure the size of a belt?


It’s best to grab the belt and determine the two ends, the buckle, and the holes. Now, to make sure you find the correct measurement, I recommend choosing a belt two measurements more than your pants size. For example, if your pants are 28/29, your belt is 30.


I hope that this information will solve your life because it’s something that not everyone knows and this should stop. We don’t want the belt to be so tight that you look like a tamale, or so long that it turns three times.


What are the types of belts?


Another important point regarding the belts that you should know is which are the types of belts that we will find in the market and which of those types go with what occasion. Ready to learn more? Take notes, because you must keep them in mind!


  • The leather belt. How to combine a belt for a man’s outfit.


It’s a smooth leather belt with a simple buckle. Preferably in black and brown or in leather to combine it with the look of your preference. When should you use it? The great thing about this piece is that it fits almost everything. From the custom suit for the office or something more relaxed like a meeting in a bar.


  • The braided belt. How to combine a belt for a man’s outfit.


An informal but the most sought-after option. We find it in its basic tones, in leather or rubber, we have also seen designs that combine colors. This option is ideal for occasions that you need to dress well, but don’t require a specific dress code. It can be with dress pants or jeans, a button-down shirt, and loafers.


  • The canvas belt. How to combine a belt for a man’s outfit.


It’s one of the most “formal” options within the sportier looks. This belt with leather ends and other materials on its body. Wearing this piece allows you to play with patterns and colors, which makes this belt an ally. You can combine it with chinos or jeans.


What belt to wear with white pants?


As I mentioned above, a brown belt will be your best ally to use with any color. Now, you may not like how it looks, that’s why it’s up to you to try it on, if you like how a belt looks and it elevates your look, leaves it, if, on the contrary, it subtracts, take it off.


What do you think of the belts? Do you use yours frequently? At Vazol we want you to dress with elegance, comfort, and shine in the crowd, so I hope this article has been helpful.

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