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Clothes to wear in the office to look successful

Clothes to wear in the office to look successful. Our work image is as important as the one we give when going out to party or with casual friends. Not only does it help project our personality. But it is also an opportunity to show a professional image that can even help us with a future promotion.


Dressing for work doesn’t have to be dull and drab. Nor is it necessary to spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes just to go to work.


Currently, the workplace has diversified concerning clothing. And today, we can see combinations and garments, even causal ones, making life between desks and papers. A crossover of styles is the key to achieving these on-trend looks that, in turn, are synonymous with professionalism.


Getting noticed no longer has to be uphill or requires so much effort. While it is true that suits and ties are not going to lose their place in the world of work, they have been reserved for very special work occasions. Such as meetings with managers and high-level events.


On the contrary, for day-to-day wear, the trend is more casual clothes that can even be used for after-office plans. The rules have changed. And today, it is reduced to critical garments and accessories that are the protagonists of the complete image.


To do this, today we will talk about those clothes you must wear to your workplace to achieve a casual and professional look and stand out from everyone successfully.


Garments to put together your work look successfully


Vazol - Clothes to wear in the office to look successful - elegant man

  • A vintage vest


Also known in other times as a pullover. This vest, layer, or sweater is a piece that by itself provides style and dresses without the need to resort to so many other garments. Additionally, if you want to apply to layer (dress several garments together, one on top of the other), this type of vest is perfect for this purpose. So, you can wear it only with a shirt, blazer, or jacket on top as the last garment. You can wear the layer in solid color and V-neck for a more sober and classic look.


  • Boots, Clothes to wear in the office.


Stylish footwear is key and an investment that you will undoubtedly get a lot of profit from. The Oxford or Derby model without laces are excellent options for the office. As they go well with different types of pants and fabrics. And are the perfect mix between elegant and casual that will make you stand out from the rest.


Vazol - Clothes to wear in the office to look successful - Elegant man

  • Loose Lightweight Shirt.


In addition to being comfortable, they are versatile since they go with different types of pants and jeans. And can also be worn with jackets on top if you think you want to give it a more elegant touch or play with several pieces. These shirts, far from being a casual or informal garment, are considered a symbol of elegance that you should not stop wearing to your workplace.


  • Polo Shirt, Clothes to wear in the office.


If it is allowed in the dress code of your workplace. So, introduce the use of polo or chemise-type flannels. But in knitted or soft fabrics, vintage or retro style, without the fear of appearing excessively informal. Since the type of fabric marked the difference. Combine it with pants or jackets, and you will be the sensation of the place in style.


Vazol - break with rigid elegance - Elegant man

  • Suede Harrington Jacket.


It is a type of jacket that does not give you the formality of a blazer or the casualness of a simple sweater. This garment is located at an intermediate point between both. And the perfect touch is given by its suede fabric. It makes your look not so casual but without making it look formal.


  • Simple Coat, Clothes to wear in the office.


We refer to a coat that acts as an overcoat without being one as such. The important thing is that it serves as a casual garment and causes a visual impact when entering a place. But without the bombast of a full-fledged big jacket. One recommendation is that you choose a wool one that, when worn, covers you from the cold weather and serves you for the whole year.


Vazol - break with rigid elegance - Elegant man

  • Chino Pants in a neutral color.


Another garment that should not be missing in your work wardrobe is Chino Pants. And in neutral tones that combine with practically everything. It is helpful for the day and your work, as well as for use outside of work. In addition to being a super comfortable type of pants and providing a lot of style to the outfit you decide to put together.


  • Dress Pants, Clothes to wear in the office.


We could not leave out the classic piece for the workplace par excellence. The good news is that you can now combine it with casual or informal clothes and break with rigid elegance. Or, if the occasion calls for it, use it for those important meetings and events.


The trends are set, and it depends on your imagination and style to use them properly.


The fundamental thing, always, is to maintain your essence and style wherever you go and look appropriate for the occasion.


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