Classic prints that men should wear

Classic prints that men should wear to look fashionable

Classic prints that men should wear to look fashionable. Let’s be honest, not everything is black and white. Not even our outfits should be. There are a wide variety of colors that can be added to our lives to make us shine. And that go perfectly with what we decide to use.


Although it´s true that each season, prints become increasingly popular in different luxury firms and low-cost brands. I invite you to know that it’s because they allow you to spice up your daily look. In addition, they adapt to your style and personality.


Also, since you love to shine, I want you to do it with the best of styles. So, I hope that after this explosion of colors and combinations turned into classic prints that we at Vazol bring to you, you´ll be inspired to be the king of the night. Attract many looks and from now on you can show off. Therefore, take note of these classic prints that you can wear to look stylish.


How to combine men’s prints? Classic prints that men should wear.


Classic prints that men should wearIt´s no secret to anyone that it´s now more common to see patterns among the trends of any season. We see them in the office, home wear, or for shirts that are tailored for more formal events. In the end, a range of prints is always open to us which makes it easy to choose. Stripes, checks, graphics, animals, flowers, or art.


So, at Vazol we bring you this style guide so that you learn to combine the season’s prints. Just like an expert fashionista on the subject. That way, you can take advantage of me and this article to renew your closet. And always show the best version, with style, of course, of yourself.


Think in lines. Vertical stripes can´t be missing in your wardrobe. Be it in t-shirts, knitted sweaters, or shirts to go to the office. This type of print flatters all silhouettes and will never go out of style. If you´re small, it will help you visually lengthen your torso and legs. While if you´re chubby, it helps you hide the volume of that area.


To look wilder. This is the most common, but the one with the most resistance. The reason is that people don´t know how to wear it correctly. Generally, it can be that in addition to that thin line of excess, it´s also considered that it can even help you with your confidence.


Classic prints that men should wearTo play it safe, pick a print and a basic like black or white to lower the eccentric tone. You can also learn to wear that print in the area that best suits you.


Paint splashes. This print is very original, and we can see it in different colors (of paints and base color). If it’s a silk shirt, it’ll look so much better. You can combine in different ways and mix patterns with slim-fit pants in a light tone. I assure you that it will steal the show wherever you go.


Abstract print. These rock, no matter how you wear them. They´re characterized by mixing elements, shapes, and colors. This makes it almost impossible to tell what they are. So, they’re highly original, which makes your look completely authentic.



You can combine them with light striped pants or neutral-colored joggers. What you decide to wear will help you look unique and very creative.


Flowers. This pattern is one of the most common. And one of the best seen when you want a casual but very chic look. You can combine them with long or short-sleeved overshirts and wide pants. This style is perfect to wear to the beach or for a weekend outing.


How can I be a fashionable man? Classic prints that men should wear.


Classic prints that men should wearBeing a fashionable man will always depend on your attitude and personality towards life. So, here I bring you some other forms of printing that you can use for any occasion and look great.


Camouflage. Very timeless and yet it´s still modern and can adapt to various events. Removing from that list the events that require a formal dress code. Still, you can wear this shirt for casual gatherings.


Abstract. These geometric prints are ideal for dress shirts. They´re colorful and always serve their purpose, to make you look stylish. However, I recommend that you don´t exaggerate the volume of the form, always try subtle figures.


In Checked. These shirts adapt to any situation that comes your way. If you´re reserved, it´s perfect for you as it will keep your spirit calm and collected. In addition, you can combine them with a checkered jacket. So that you can play with the combination of two textures without it looking strange.


How should a man dress to look good?


Dressing well is an art form. Some rules and tips must be considered. As well as those rules and tips to look timeless and never old-fashioned.


For better or worse, and even if we don´t like it, there are rules that we must follow. To look better than we already think we see ourselves. And although some of them have become obsolete and completely meaningless, others can be useful and save you a good amount of problems. Especially when it comes to prints.


Don’t be afraid of color. When you wear prints, don’t be afraid to show them off with pride. However, try to always have a balance because the rule of less is more is real and extremely important.


You can match them with jeans. Of course, to look very timeless and classic you can make the print with a pair of jeans one of the best combinations of your life


Now, what do you think? How do you combine prints to look quirky and interesting? Are you a fan or not? 


At Vazol we want to know about you and your tastes. As well as invite you to our store to get some garments with prints and transparencies. Pieces that can very well be adapted to you and your lifestyle.


So, we insist you come into our store and add what you like to the cart. That way you can experiment and look amazing.

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