Capillary exfoliation

Have you heard about capillary exfoliation?

Have you heard about capillary exfoliation? You don’t need to be in pain to be beautiful. That old saying is now in the past. So, all those beauty treatments shouldn´t be a torment for you. Such as hair implantation if you have early baldness problems. That´s why today we find some other methods to help stimulate the scalp.


And yes, the title says it very well, now we have the capillary exfoliation. The benefits are a bunch. And at Vazol we want to teach you everything you need to know about this type of hair care. Something that will help you improve your hair growth.


This treatment shouldn´t be overlooked if what you´re looking for is healthy hair with an appearance worthy of a magazine model. The science of this technique is that it follows the same principles as face exfoliation. However, its main objective is to remove everything that obstructs the hair follicles, which is a great help for growth.

What’s capillary exfoliation?


Capillary exfoliationCapillary exfoliation. It´s a treatment with which you remove dead cells from the scalp, especially when you have excess sebum. All to facilitate cell renewal of the skin on your head.


Generally, this can´t be achieved with traditional shampoo or conditioner, since it can make the routine incomplete. So, taking into account the type of hair you have: mixed, oily, or dry, you should add exfoliation into your routine to have a better result.


Now, it´s important to comply with a series of rules and steps for this product to work. And the first thing you should know is that it´s not for daily use, just like the facial scrub. In addition, it would be a plus to have the advice of a professional. So you consider the characteristics of your scalp.


This exfoliation, as in peelings in other areas of the body, helps to unclog the pores of the head. Allowing it to breathe. In addition, it helps to remove a film of accumulated dirt. Since on many occasions, shampoo doesn´t completely remove the rest of the dirt that accumulates in the hair.


In this sense, when the head is oxygenated, this has a direct impact on the hair, thus favoring growth. Likewise, in terms of health, you activate blood circulation and reduce dandruff or itching problems. Still, you should consult a professional, in case you suffer from a hair disease that needs a specific treatment.


When to apply hair scrub?


Capillary exfoliationCapillary exfoliation. You can use the hair scrub once a week at most, instead of your shampoo. And then complete the routine with a conditioner or mask without touching the scalp. One of the benefits of using this product is that the hair stays clean longer. Because thanks to this product, linked to an excellent washing and moisturizing routine, you´ll get that result.


It also helps with hair growth, because unclogging the pores, allows the scalp to oxygenate. This results in healthy and strong growth.


Another important point is that it gives you a deep cleaning. Generally, shampoos that we use daily cleanse, but not in a deep way. That leads us to resort to other products such as this hair exfoliation because it´s capable of eliminating residues of chemical products. As well as the remains of pollution or dirt accumulated in the hair.


So, it helps the PH of the skin, which guarantees that it stays balanced. But it must be done frequently. This results in healthier hair because it will look cleaner and free of any factor that prevents growth. That way, it grows stronger and with a natural shine.


How to make a scalp scrub?


The way to apply this hair shampoo will depend on you or the professional. So, it can be done both with wet hair and with dry hair. The important thing is that you massage yourself while applying it. This massage should last several minutes since these grains are the ones that remove dirt and cleanse the pores. After this, you can wash your hair with shampoo for your hair type or serum that relieves any irritation that you may have.


You must keep in mind that a man’s hair should be treated delicately. Because any nonsense can indeed increase the fall or weakening. So, exfoliating can be an ally to keep it healthy and cleanse those impurities that prevent growth.


Yet, exfoliating isn’t irritating it or making things too complicated, it isn’t ripping your skull out with your fingers. You must do it gently, just as you do the exfoliation of the face. In this sense, if you begin to notice redness, you should give more time to exfoliate. That is, the best would be every fifteen days or once a month.


There are different types of exfoliants: shampoos and pre-shampoos. In the case of the first, we find that they´re not aggressive or harm the hair. Since they´re made of completely natural vegetable oils that moisturize. The exfoliating action happens thanks to the salicylic acid in the formula. 


The second is a product that you apply before. And consists of a kind of grains that help to fulfill the function of exfoliating and removing accumulated dirt and grease.


At Vazol we want you to feel beautiful, dazzling, and like a prince. To be so comfortable and confident with your appearance that you are not afraid to sing “Dancing Queen” every time you arrive at a place. So, we´re sure that applying this hair exfoliation at least every week or every time will help your scalp. That´s so from now on it can grow healthy, strong, and with a shine that complements your personality.


Once you do, we´re waiting for you here to share your experience with us. And thus, create a chain of information!

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