The best option for boys' hair removal

Find out which is the best option for boys’ hair removal

Find out which is the best option for boys’ hair removal. Does body hair bother you and you don’t know what to do with it? Do you have doubts regarding the care? You have no idea where to go because you don’t know if it´s ideal? 


The truth is that body hair shouldn’t be a painful task if you use depilatory creams.


Waxing allows you to remove superficial body hair as well as the most intimate areas taking care of the skin. So, if you like to take care of yourself, look beautiful, and be super well cared for. I recommend you do it and leave it as an option. Now, there are different ways of hair removal and each may or may not be the best for you. Do you know which method suits you?


At Vazol we will explain the different types to you. So, you put aside those doubts that become a challenge when deciding to wax. As I said, there are techniques and we want to help you choose the one that’s best for you. Ready? Take notes!


What is the best hair removal method?


The best option for boys' hair removalThere’s no better or worse method. All at the time adapt more to our body. Some are less painful than others and each one has a different technique that differentiates them.


  • The wax.


This method is the one that’s used the most. It’s also very versatile because it works in most areas of the body. From face to feet. Wax removes hair for up to three weeks or so and can come in several forms. Like cold strip wax or roller wax. But, the most common is hot wax.


Among its pros, it can offer long-lasting results for most areas. If you do it yourself, it’s quite affordable and over time weakens hair growth. While in the cons, it can be quite painful. It’s not suitable for sensitive skin, because it can cause redness or burns.


The best option for boys' hair removal

  • Razor.


It’s the most popular hair removal method. It’s ideal for when you’re in a rush or don’t feel like waxing. Also, it’s a good companion for the trip because it’s portable and easy to transport. You mustn’t share it with anyone for hygiene.


Speaking of its pros, it’s completely painless. However, among its cons is that hair grows faster, thicker, and can become incarnate. It also generates irritation and pimples.






What is the best way to remove hair for a man?


The best option for boys' hair removalIn addition to the ones I mentioned earlier, here are some other ways with long-term results that may also be of interest. Write these ideas down!


  • Electric razor, The best option for boys’ hair removal.


This is a very interesting alternative. Because it’s a form of hair removal that gets the hair out of the roots without pulling them. The most complete models are useful because they facilitate the hair removal of more delicate areas. It also takes care of your skin.


Its advantages are the results because it lasts up to three weeks. And its prolonged use weakens the hair, making it increasingly painless. On top of everything, they’re very easy to transport. Their disadvantages are that they cause discomfort. Not at the level of pulling the wax, but it is a bit painful.


  • Laser hair removal.


It’s the perfect option to forget about hair for a long time. The laser allows you to be hair-free for months. This process inhibits growth because it attacks the follicle with a light source. You need several sessions to see results and it varies between three and eight.


One of the advantages is the long-term result. It’s used all over the body except around the eyes. This is one of the least painful processes because it only generates tingling. Its disadvantages are that it’s not effective on hair that is too blonde, white, gray, or red. And not all lasers work on different skin tones.





  • IPL hair removal, The best option for boys’ hair removal.


One of my personal favorites. It’s an option for hair removal without too much pain and long-term results. Being quite similar to lasers but uses a light source to slow down hair growth. IPL uses a broad spectrum of light that travels in different directions and lengths. You can be up to six months without hair after twelve sessions.


The biggest advantage is that the result lasts for many months and it becomes long-term because the hair is weakened. While the cons are that it doesn’t work on too fine or light hair or very tanned skin.


What’s the hair removal that lasts longer?


If you want your hair removal to last longer, the best method is the one that you decide on. And the one with which you feel most comfortable. You already know the pros and cons of each one and that they have different results. The important thing is that you know:


  • When to wax? The best option for boys’ hair removal.


It’s a frequently asked question regardless of the method. There’s no exact number, what’s recommended is that it’s when all the hair has fully grown. Since this will allow you to enjoy waxing more because they will grow at the same time (more or less). In addition, experts advise that it’s better if you do it at night.


  • Depilate in the opposite direction of the hair.


The direction is something we must pay attention to. Because, in the case of wax, you must do it opposite to it to prevent it from breaking and coming out of the root. 


  • Moisturize the skin, The best option for boys’ hair removal.


Yes, it’s also important that you do it because you still get irritated. If you wax your beard or shave it, you need the aftershave. While if you wax the other parts of your body, you need creams that reduce irritation and nourish the pores. If it´s without alcohol, much better.


In conclusion, although everyone can have their theory and preference, thinking in the long term, the best hair removal options are laser and IPL. Because it lasts longer. They are much more effective because they remove 95% of the hair.


It´s also important that you go to a professional in the field. So they tell you which option is best suited to you and your needs. From Vazol we invite you to make the best decision and we hope we have been of great help.


We also want you to consider that if you visit our store you can find spectacular quality garments. That with perfect waxing you will look like a fashion expert. What´s your ideal hair removal option? Comment and share with whoever you think needs it.

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