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Learn the best style tips when dressing for the holidays

Learn the best style tips when dressing for the holidays. The care you put when getting dressed is no longer just a women’s issue. Many guys care about looking not only good but impeccable when wearing their outfits. And, of course, when the festivities arrive, this issue becomes relevant. Since these are days of many social gatherings where everyone wants to look incredible, striking, elegant, sexy, and attractive.


But, regardless of what you decide to wear for any occasion, it is essential that you know some tips to dress and look simply spectacular and presentable at all times. All, regardless of your style, since these are timeless ways of dressing, and no matter how time passes, they will always be current.


For this reason, these rules, such as choosing clothes of the right size or knowing how to combine a belt with shoes, are maintained despite changes in fashion. So, let’s see each of these rules in more detail so you know how to select your outfit every day correctly.


Get to know the best style tips!


  • Dress Appropriately


Vazol - Learn the best style tips when dressing for the holidays - Fashion menKnowing how to dress correctly, knowing which combinations go well and which ones don’t, as well as properly selecting the garments according to the occasion and place you are going to attend, is essential. To see yourself not only well dressed but also clean. For this reason, it is necessary, especially for formal occasions, to know what type of shirt to combine ties with, this being a very common confusion.


Many combinations are available to make with shirts and ties according to color, texture, or pattern. However, there are specific rules to follow, such as:


  • Do not wear short-sleeved shirts with ties.
  • Nor wear a shirt with square pockets and a tie.
  • Set the width of the tie and try to match the suit’s lapels if that is the case.
  • Distinguish between the shirts to wear without a tie and those with this accessory.


  • Invest in a timeless suit, Best style tips when dressing for the holidays.


Vazol - Learn the best style tips when dressing for the holidays - Fashion menA suit that will get you out of trouble and make you look good will give you style is the one with two buttons. And, since it is considered a basic garment, it should be included in your wardrobe. Always pay attention to these details, though:


  • Make sure it fits you well.
  • The shoulder seam should sit just over the end of the shoulder or just before.
  • The first of the two buttons should be above the navel.
  • If it is the case of three-button suits, the one in the middle must be on the navel or a little above.


Now, another aspect to take into account is the size of the suit. Since this will depend on how you are going to look. This is why, for sizes, there are also certain steps to follow:


  • When buying a suit, try a size less than what you always wear. Because this way, you will make it fit tight and not big, but not small or uncomfortable.
  • The sleeve of the jacket should come after the wrist bone, no more than one inch.
  • The shirt cuff must be visible under the jacket, half an inch maximum.
  • One way to ensure that the jacket is not too tight is that you have to be able to slide and move your hand between the jacket and the shirt.


  • Wear ties and bowties


You don’t have to limit yourself to the typical classic tie. One way to complete the look, even on casual occasions, is wearing a bowtie.


The bowtie came back to prevail long ago and is no longer an exclusive element of tuxedos. We can even get them in various colors, prints, and fabrics to combine with an infinite number of garments. Such as blazers, colored shirts, and vests. And it is a way that will make your look more striking and possibly a topic of conversation.


  • Avoid baggy pants, Best style tips when dressing for the holidays.


Vazol - Learn the best style tips when dressing for the holidays - Fashion menIt is vital that when buying clothes, we go through the fitting room previously. Since taking clothes of our size is relevant, and that a size, up or down, will make us look poorly dressed. But in this section, we will talk specifically about pants.


Selecting the correct width and length is key to dressing elegantly. So, wearing very wide pants not only looks bad, as we already mentioned, but it will make you look shorter than you really are.


Therefore, pants must:


  • Be tight at the waist, even without wearing a belt.
  • The width of the legs must also be adequate.
  • It should fit snugly in the derriere and a little loose through the thighs, not tight.
  • As for the length, it should fall slightly over the back of the shoe but less than an inch.


  • Choose the right footwear, Best style tips when dressing for the holidays.


Vazol - Learn the best style tips when dressing for the holidays - Fashion menWhen selecting a pair of shoes, you must ensure, first of all, that these are consistent with your style. Therefore, we leave you these tips when choosing a pair:


  • Do not wear very wide shoes.


  • Footwear must be well-adjusted and molded to the foot.


  • Preferably, buy them at the end of the day when your feet are a little swollen.


  • Always keep shoes clean, removing dirt after each use.


Vazol - Not wear more than one ring on each hand - Fashion men

  • Combine your shoes with your belt, Best style tips when dressing for the holidays.


Perhaps it is a bit obvious, but in the same way, it is worth remembering that the color of the shoes must be in line with that of the belt. As well as the material of both, the strap must be thin, and it is possible to fasten them in the third hole.


  • Avoid wearing clothes with huge logos


This type of clothing, however attractive it may seem to you, does not look elegant. And the larger the size of the logo, the more attention will be drawn, and perhaps not in a good way. So lean towards the more discreet logos if you cannot avoid buying this garment, but preferably, go for simplicity when possible.


  • Always wear your dress shirt tucked in, Best style tips when dressing for the holidays.


Precisely, these types of garments were designed to always be worn inside the pants. Since they are usually too long to be worn outside. If you want to wear them outside, you must select the specific shirts to be dressed in this way and hit the right occasion.


Final Tips


Vazol - Not wear more than one ring on each hand - Fashion menIn fashion, not everything is set in stone. Since the new trends set the tone in terms of how we wear clothes. However, there are certain rules that will continue to be in force despite time and are immutable to the new that may be imposed. For this reason, keep the following in mind when dressing:


  • If you wear jewelry or accessories, you should not wear more than one ring on each hand.
  • It is inappropriate to wear a sports jacket with dress pants because the two are opposites and do not go together.
  • In the case of stockings, you should choose those that are the same color as the pants and long enough so that the leg is not visible when you are sitting.
  • Taking care of your clothes is important. Since this will depend on how they look and last. So, in the case of suits, make sure to dry clean them to avoid damage.


Dressing and looking good is undoubtedly an art. But with practice and the right advice, everyone can master looking good at all times and places this Christmas.

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