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Best sandals models for Men 2023

Best sandals models for Men 2023. Men’s sandals are not a new fashion accessory. For many years, especially in tropical areas where it is always summer, it was common to see boys and a few adults wear this type of footwear in their day-to-day or even to work.


We know that not everyone is a fan of this type of shoe. Still, they should try it at least once in a lifetime. Since in addition to being comfortable, they are very versatile and currently an excellent alternative to tennis shoes to spend the next summer.


There is a great diversity of models and styles of men’s sandals to cater to all tastes. From the most classic proposals to the most modern. And you can wear them for both casual and even semi-formal events, adapting to current trends.


Also, they will be your allies in this hot season. For this reason, keep reading to learn much more about this footwear! And we´ll give you something extra with the best models to wear and combine with your outfits.


What are the types of sandals out there?


We must start this part by mentioning that men’s sandals have their classification, finding the following types:


Vazol - Best sandals models for Men - Shoes

  • Open, Best sandals models for Men.


As their name suggests, they allow the foot to be seen more easily or involve less coverage and provide greater freshness, which is ideal for the hottest days.


  • Closed


The opposite of the previous model, they cover the foot at a greater rate, with much less ventilation that it receives.


  • Gladiators, Best sandals models for Men.


Inspired by the footwear used in ancient Rome, this type of sandal has straps that wrap around the foot, wrapping around it and allowing perspiration. Ideal to wear on a casual occasion with fresh clothes.



  • Wedge


They have a diagonal sole, being narrower in the initial part of the shoe, thickening towards the heel, and it was born in the 70-80s and is still worn today. Therefore, this model is perfect if you want to grow a few inches.


Vazol - Best sandals models for Men - Shoes

  • Jelly Sandals, Best sandals models for Men.


It is one of the classic and most worn models. They have a sufficiently cushioned sole to support and comfort the foot without being too thin or thick. Its upper part has broad stripes covering the foot but leaving openings on the sides to allow it to breathe.


Its name is because it resembles the models made of rubber, which were initially used to avoid contact with rocks and from crab and jellyfish stings and thus protect the foot on each visit to the beach.


Currently, we find them in a variety of materials and colors!


  • Menorcan


They are very similar to espadrilles. These are made with a flat and thin sole, and the part that covers the foot in its front part can be made of canvas or another type of material.


Menorcans are very comfortable and fresh, and there are a variety of colors to combine to your liking.


  • Mules, Best sandals models for Men.


Vazol - Best sandals models for Men - Shoes

It is one of the best-known models of sandals, and they stand out for the ease of putting them on since they are slingbacks and only have a coating on the instep to support the foot, leaving the toes exposed.


Many brands, such as Adidas, have footwear of this model available in their stock. But we also find them in various materials, colors, and shapes that retain their essence.


We even find a more formal version of the Mules, where they are entirely closed, resembling a moccasin, but with slingbacks. They are usually worn with pants and more casual clothes.


The mules-type sandals cannot be missing from any closet since they are great for being at home and going to the beach.



  • Swedes


Just like the women’s model, or the famous Crocs brand sandals, the men’s mules have the same characteristics. They are similar to those described with the closed mules, except they have a rounded front.


  • Flip Flops, Best sandals models for Men.


They are only made up of a sole and two straps that are joined to divide the thumb and the rest of your fingers. Their use is more common on the beach, at home, or for summer walks.


How should a man’s sandal look?


It is essential, first of all, to verify the materials with which the sandals are made and that their parts are well adhered and sewn, and that, when you try them on and walk with them, you feel comfortable and there are no chafers of any kind.


Advantages and disadvantages of men’s sandals


It is a very comfortable and versatile shoe. However, it has its pros and cons:


Vazol - Best sandals models for Men - Shoes

  • Advantages, Best sandals models for Men.


    • They are a very comfortable type of shoe.
    • Sandals are very versatile.
    • They bring freshness to the foot with their use.
    • These are cheaper than traditional shoes.
    • They offer ease of combining with clothes.
    • Sandals have a good support base.




  • Disadvantages, Best sandals models for Men.


    • When the foot is in contact with the outside, hygiene becomes a problem since the entry of dirt and bacteria is higher.
    • It cannot be used for all occasions, such as when etiquette is required.
    • Sandals are not to everyone’s taste.


What is the difference between sandals and flip-flops?


Many people tend not to distinguish between one shoe and another as if they were the same. However, both are different, and here we tell you why:


Vazol - Best sandals models for Men - Shoes

  • Sandals: Best sandals models for Men.


    • They have a greater grip because the models are usually semi-closed and have ties that prevent the foot from slipping.
    • The sole is more resistant.
    • It gives freedom to the foot and toes.
    • They provide more stability


  • Flip flops: Best sandals models for Men.


    • They are unstable.
    • Flip-flops don’t have a good grip.
    • The soles are less resistant.
    • Toes must be bent into a claw for stability when walking.


What men’s sandals to wear for each occasion?


Of course, your choice will depend on your taste and dress style. And since we have shown you the different models of men’s sandals, you can know which models are more casual than others with a more informal look.


Therefore, the type of material from which it is made will also have a significant influence. Because you can dress casually and for some semi-formal occasions with those models made of leather or synthetic leather.


Trendy Sandals for Men 2023


Vazol - Stylish flip-flops? Yes, they can be! - Shoes


  • Adventure model, by Polo Ralph Lauren


This American brand proposes velcro strap sandals that add practicality and style to your look, thanks to its available color options. These are also very spacy, making them very comfortable to wear for hours.


  • Jelly Model, from Bershka, Best sandals models for Men.


Bershka brings us the classic model from our childhood but made of leather or similar and in neutral colors for more seriousness and versatility in its use. 


  • Arizona Model, from Birkenstock


A classic model is a version of the Mules sandals, but the Birkenstock brand brings us a proposal, not with one strap but with two each, each with a buckle. This gives it that perfect casual touch to take everywhere and make yourself stand out.


Vazol - Stylish flip-flops? Yes, they can be! - Shoes

  • Forster’s Model, by Dr. Martens, Best sandals models for Men.


If you want resistance and quality, this is the ideal model.


Its track-type sole will give you support to walk on any terrain without fear of damaging the sole or your foot.


Also, they have AirWair technology incorporated, which is responsible for improving cushioning and enhancing the comfort that, together with the Airwair, makes it easier to put on each shoe.


  • Plat Model, by Bottega Veneta


Another brand that bets on the classic Mules, but in an explosion of colors and with a braided detail typical of the brand, in its upper part. This gives it its identity and differentiates them from the rest of the brands.


Vazol - Stylish flip-flops? Yes, they can be! - Shoes

  • Buckle Model, from Genuins, Best sandals models for Men.


Stylish flip-flops? Yes, they can be! The Genuins brand knows what they are doing with this model, which they place a buckle in their division. This makes them a perfect model to wear out and dress casually, with which you will undoubtedly shine this summer.


Men’s sandals are currently an option to which more and more guys resort to rest from the typical daily shoe. And during spring-summer, it is an excellent option to get you out of trouble when you do not know what to combine with any garment for these light months!

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