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Discover the best looks and pieces for spring

Discover the best looks and pieces for spring. Spring is just around the corner, and it is inevitable not to think about the infinite outfits and combinations we can create with this season’s trends. Both with the classics and the new proposals out there.


The time to put away winter clothes is getting closer and closer, and start taking out those fresh, colorful, and full-of-life clothes typical of this long-awaited season.


For this reason, today we will talk about those essential pieces of clothing that you must always have to look good. And also make combinations easily and quickly without having to spend too much and always be ready to enjoy these next days of sun, heat, and lots of color.


Top tips for dressing in spring


Creating combinations is a challenging task. It is thought that to do it, you need an infinite imagination or a vast knowledge of the fashion world. However, we assure you that none of this is necessary. Since with these simple tips, you will be able to have more direction. So that when you dress, you give a good impression and catch looks without having to freak out or stress too much.


Vazol - Discover the best looks and pieces for spring - Go for neutral colors

  • Go for neutral colors


The entire range of beige or nude tones and browns, whites, blues, and greys are ideal for combining. And starting with that color as a base, you can add others and also patterns. Or make one of those colors we mentioned the center of your outfit and thus make you stand out.


  • Wear the right size.


We must always pay attention to our physique and its proportions. And that way, we´ll be able to choose the correct sizes and avoid falling into extremes. If the clothing is very tight or very wide and doesn´t favor your figure at all, we don´t want to see it.


Vazol - Discover the best looks and pieces for spring - Combine your accessories

  • Combine your accessories


We mean that to achieve harmony, wearing a belt and shoes of the same color is advisable.


Also, spring is one of the seasons that most demand sunglasses. So, the perfect time for taking out those models you had saved is now!


Stay away from those that are sporty or very dark and gravitate towards using classic models with neutral colors that give that chic touch to your appearance. Do not forget to include hats if they are your thing because they are an excellent option for these days.



Vazol - Discover the best looks and pieces for spring - Have several types of footwear on hand

  • Have several types of footwear on hand


Even though formality lags in spring, it is always good to alternate the models we wear between day and night.


So, try to have a model to go to outdoor places or for very relaxed plans such as sandals.


  • Don’t forget the underwear


Well, yes, underwear is important during these days when the temperature rises. So, choose those that always make you feel comfortable and safe.


Importance of spring fashion


Many awaited this time since it allows them to highlight their personality when dressing. During the winter, you must wear certain clothes that are almost obligatory to face the low temperatures. However, the lightness of spring is ideal for bringing out your style and aesthetic.


During these months, you can dress in a comfortable and fresh way. As well as use different types of clothing, make combinations of colors, textures, and patterns, and, best of all, without wearing so many clothes.


What men’s clothing is worn in spring?


Vazol - Discover the best looks and pieces for spring - Man with Blazer

  • Blazers, Best looks and pieces for spring.


We know it is not a garment to wear 24/7 during the spring, nor for every occasion. However, it is ideal for casual night plans, where you must go for something a little dressier. Just make sure it is made of light fabric like linen or cotton.


  • Short Slippers


They are part of the basics for both spring and summer and will accompany you to your relaxed plans, providing all the convenience and comfort you want during those days. Choose a camel, nude or beige color and combine it perfectly with everything.


Vazol - Discover the best looks and pieces for spring - Hoodies

  • Hoodies, Best looks and pieces for spring.


They are ideal for those informal looks, but not scruffy, since they go very well with shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, and jeans, making you look very well dressed.


Select a unicolor model for better visual impact.


  • Nautic shoes


Because if there is a model of shoes for this season and for the summer, they are boat shoes. They give your image that casual but elegant touch at the same time. They are available in both unicolor and combined models in brown, beige, and blue, so there is a model for everyone.


Vazol - Discover the best looks and pieces for spring - Windbreaker

  • Windbreaker, Best looks and pieces for spring.


This light jacket which protects us from humid climates, rain, and low temperatures, is ideal for spring. Since it is thin and easy to wear for outdoor activities or outings and when you want to look casual.


  • Loafers


The model that made a come-back and is here to stay could be included in this list. This type of shoe represents that perfect mix between formal and casual. In addition to the fact that today we find this model in many colors and textures so that you can choose the ideal one for you and thus combine it perfectly with your wardrobe.


Vazol - Achieve a simply attractive and overwhelming look - Man with t-shirt.

  • Polo shirts, Best looks and pieces for spring.


This model is very versatile, getting along perfectly with shorts, jeans, and chino pants, and if you add a pair of loafers to that, you will achieve a simply attractive and overwhelming look.


  • Dress shirt


In materials such as linen, silk, and those mixed with cotton-polyester or also in a light denim fabric, they are all handy for this season. And they will get you out of trouble more than once when you can’t find what to wear, achieving both casual and formal looks.


  • Khaki pants, Best looks and pieces for spring.


Also known as chinos, it is that classic model that makes you look casual but very well-dressed and polished for any occasion. Preferably choose colors such as khaki, navy blue, olive, white, and other light tones that will help you combine easily.


Vazol - Achieve a simply attractive and overwhelming look - Shorts

  • Basic T-shirt


Spring is the ideal time to wear this type of shirts since they are a great option when getting out of trouble. For going to informal plans, and wearing them with jackets or blazers and turning them into something casual and looking equally good. Here your taste and imagination will be dictated by your selection.


  • Short sleeve shirts, Best looks and pieces for spring.


They are also typical and trendy these days, and the most frequent models we find are white, in pastel colors and prints. Yes, for the night, you can opt for satin fabrics, steal glances, and literally shine in the place.


Vazol - Achieve a simply attractive and overwhelming look - Shorts

  • Shorts


They are the kings of high temperatures. It may not be so intensely hot at first. However, this type of garment is ideal when you want freshness and comfort and go well with sports shoes, loafers or boat shoes, T-shirts, polo shirts, and shirts.


  • Denim Jacket, Best looks and pieces for spring.


The spring weather is quite forgiving, allowing you to wear jackets and fresh clothes without the need to get hot. A denim or jean jacket will be your perfect complement for its ease of combining as well as good for those cool nights with a cold breeze.


With this guide, you will be more than ready to look great in the spring and during the rest of the year. Because these garments can be worn in any season, just adapting to the weather and occasion.

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