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Best anti-aging treatments for men

Best anti-aging treatments for men. Gone is the myth that only women undergo aesthetic treatments to care for their skin, especially that of the face, as well as being the biggest population that demands this type of service. Because, believe it or not, the number of men seeking extra and deeper help to maintain a healthy and youthful-looking complexion is actually bigger.


The passage of time is unstoppable. And it only remains for us to maintain a good routine of both diet and daily care of our skin to delay aging and the appearance of expression lines prematurely. Looking good depends mostly on us and the pace of life we ​​lead. However, thanks to science, there are alternative solutions that give us great help on this path of looking attractive, fresh, and young. And if you are interested in learning about them, keep reading and find out what the best anti-aging treatments for men are!


Factors that affect skin health


Vazol - Best anti-aging treatments for men - Chemical peelSeveral factors affect the appearance of our skin that makes it age faster (even if we are young) and that gives us a dull appearance, such as:


  • Stress.
  • Contamination.
  • Chronoaging (regular passing of the years).
  • Fatigue.
  • Photoaging (due to sun exposure).
  • Bad nutrition.
  • Health problems.
  • Tobacco or alcohol use.


When any of these items are present daily, the skin loses firmness, and its appearance deteriorates. This situation can be reversed by applying an aesthetic treatment oriented to each person’s particular needs.


What are the best anti-aging treatments for men?


  • Facial Masculinization, Best anti-aging treatments for men.


Vazol - Best anti-aging treatments for men - Facial dermapenIf your thing is to look and put forward a virile and very masculine image, then we tell you that this treatment is one of the most sought-after and demanded in the aesthetic market, considered a star procedure. It is not invasive and does not require surgical intervention. And it consists of highlighting and defining the person´s facial features, enhancing the masculine side of the face.


In addition to highlighting masculine features, it is also responsible for harmoniously defining facial features. This treatment is carried out by implementing hyaluronic acid, and with it you:


  • Define the jaw area.
  • Increase your chin.
  • Rhinomodelation.
  • Lip augmentation.


All to obtain, as a result, a face that is as masculine as possible that reflects a projected and square chin, a defined and square jaw to the naked eye, eyebrows that project horizontality, marked cheekbones, and a straight nose.


  • Eye Contour, Best anti-aging treatments for men.


Vazol - Best anti-aging treatments for men - Activated charcoalOne of the areas that can be most affected by expression lines is the eyes. If we add to this a fast pace of life, stress, long and excessive hours, and workloads, among other factors, we tend to have bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes and an appearance of eternal fatigue on our face will turn off our look.


For this, applying a treatment dedicated to this specific area is recommended, such as the eye contour, which is non-invasive and highly effective.


Applying several innovative techniques, including alpha-hydroxy acids, insufflating pure oxygen with specific serum, radiofrequency, lifting massage, and an anti-aging mask. And this way, you revitalize the eye area and revive the attractiveness of the male gaze.


  • Activated Charcoal Laser, Best anti-aging treatments for men.


Vazol - eliminate expression lines - Factors that affect skin healthThe use of charcoal-based treatments is something that has been introduced previously.


Many products on the market are made with this ingredient, such as soaps, masks, and absorbent paper, among others, dedicated exclusively to oily skin and the regulation of the same.


Therefore, if it is your case that you present this type of skin, and also enlarged pores, dull skin, rough and unbalanced skin texture, blackheads, and acne, the activated carbon laser is presented as a great solution to these problems. It is a procedure responsible for exfoliating the skin of the face, decongesting, and closing the pores to reduce the production of fat and smooth the texture of rough and unbalanced skin.



Vazol - eliminate expression lines - Factors that affect skin health

Facial Dermapen, Best anti-aging treatments for men.


One of the aging factors is the lack of collagen production, which results in flaccid skin without firmness and consequently with a dull, lifeless appearance. For this reason, dermapen has made its way among the most demanded treatments, with the best results in searching for a smooth and fresh face.


The dermapen is a technique in which collagen production is stimulated through micropuncture therapy, applied with a pencil. The density of the epidermis is increased to reaffirm and rejuvenate the skin of the man’s face through the treatment of wrinkles, expression lines, spots, acne marks, surgical scars, and others.


  • Chemical Peel.


Here it is not a new treatment either since peelings have an excellent track record in the aesthetic world. However, there is a technique where peeling is responsible for repairing DNA to heal damaged skin, achieving a more uniform tone on the face, smoother, softer, and more luminous skin. Improving the appearance of skin exposed to the sun and reducing expression lines and wrinkles.


  • Botox, Best anti-aging treatments for men. 


Vazol - eliminate expression lines - Factors that affect skin healthOf course, we cannot leave out the king of aesthetic treatments in recent years, which is the most sought-after and requested in beauty centers. Since it offers to eliminate expression lines, wrinkles, and the deepest folds of the skin with visible and verifiable results of up to 6 months.


This treatment consists of placement through an injection of botulinum toxin, which will prevent the muscle from contracting. And thus, avoid movements that cause the appearance of expression lines or wrinkles on the face.


Botox offers various benefits to prevent aging and treat non-summer health problems such as neck spasms, excessive perspiration, overactive bladder, and lazy eye. It can also prevent chronic migraines.


Prevention and beauty always go hand in hand. The best option is to lead a healthy routine and lifestyle, which helps keep our skin in good condition and our entire body healthy and young. But, of course, if we need extra help, here you may solve your problems and achieve that glowy and attractive appearance we long to maintain.

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