Does shaving daily help the beard grow? Beard growth myths

Does shaving daily help the beard grow? Beard growth myths. There is a very common question among those that wish to have a beard: Does shaving daily help the beard grow? In this article, we will answer that question, and we will give you some tips to grow a beard and improve your appearance.


Many men wish to grow their beards a little faster naturally. To do this, first you must get rid of faulty beliefs about facial hair. From this point on, we will focus on debunking some of the most recurring myths concerning bear growth.


Beard growth myths: The truth about shaving and beard growth


Vazol-Does-shaving-daily-help-the-beard-grow-Banner.The amount of hair follicles we have on our face is determined by hormones and genetics. Hair follicles are little tubes underneath the skin’s surface where the hair grows. These follicles define everything to do with hair. For example; color, consistency, thickness, and so on. The more hair follicles are in the face, the more hair will grow.


The sad truth is that, besides follicle transplant from a different part of the body, there is nothing that can increase the amount of follicles one has. Therefore, shaving every day will not make new follicles appear magically to grow more hair.


So, how did this myth start? Well, a lot of this has to do with visual mislead. Hair gets thinner naturally at the ends so, when a person shaves, they are getting rid of the thinnest part of the hair and exposing the thickest one near the skin. What is left appears as thicker, but it is not. Besides, this thicker stubble probably stands out against the skin. This situation can make it seem as if you had a lot of hair, but it is not true.


Benefits of shaving every day


Vazol-Does-shaving-daily-help-the-beard-grow-Banner.Although shaving every day won’t make your beard grow faster, it can still do some good things. Following, we explain some reasons why shaving every day can be a great habit.


  • Removes all the dead skin cells that can get into the follicles and cause acne.


  • Makes your face look more energetic and fresh.


  • Relieves the need to wash your face.


  • Prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps.


These benefits prove that even though daily shaving does not increase the beard growth speed, it can still help us improve our appearance.


Beard growth myths: How to grow a beard for the first time?


You are probably wondering: Does shaving every day help the beard grow? Does shaving make the hair grow faster? Can all men grow a beard? We clear all of these questions for you.


Some men, with the genetic potential to grow a beard, live under the idea that all men could grow facial hair if only they were patient enough to let it grow. This could not be farther from the truth, since most men can not grow full-face beards. In fact, some people are even genetically prone to fight beard growth.


Beard growth is related to androgenic hormones’ testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and if someone lacks these, it will be hard for them to grow facial hair.


There are even some men who have high levels of these hormones, and there is no beard growth, at least not in the whole face. This is because of human androgen receptors, which are crucial “guardians” of the face. These cells only allow T and DHT to join them and enter the DNA.


If androgenic hormones are high, but the androgen receptor’s sensitivity is low, then beard growth becomes a problem as well.


Beard growth myths: Face and beard care


We must be patient and allow the facial hair to grow. Genetic profile is a main factor in how fast (and how fully) a beard grows. Therefore, there is not much that can be done about it.


However, on average, most people will see facial hair fully grow after 4 weeks of not shaving. While there are some things we can do to support the process and increase growth, we must also accept that the beard will grow in its own way and at its own rhythm.


Some people say that shaving the beard on a regular basis will encourage faster growth, but there is no evidence to back it up. It is possible that regular shaving before growing a beard can stimulate the hair follicles to grow faster.


However, evidence of this is also limited in the best-case scenario. So, once you start growing a beard, you must let it grow freely.


Cleanliness is the most important thing


Vazol-Does-shaving-daily-help-the-beard-grow-Banner.The face must be washed two times a day to unblock the hair follicles. You must wet the face with warm water. If you haven’t grown a beard, you must massage with a smooth facial cleanser.


If the beard has just started growing, you must also use soft shampoo in the facial hair. Then rinse the cleanser or shampoo with clean and cold water. Finish by drying the face with a soft towel. This must be done every morning and every evening.


Regular face-washing will help remove the dirt and oils stuck in the hair follicles. This makes it easier for them to grow. To test if a cleaner is soft enough on the skin, apply a small amount on the shin and leave it there for about 10 minutes.


If you don’t get any unpleasant reaction (as reddening or irritation) you can wash your face with the cleanser.


Commit to growing a beard


Vazol-Does-shaving-daily-help-the-beard-grow-Banner.Most men won’t realize they have begun growing their beards until they have gone inactive for a couple of days. When you are on this journey, you must commit to your beard.


The early stages can cause a bit of itching, and you can sometimes feel like an addict on relapse.


But if you can get through the first few weeks, everything will get better.


Many men find they need to go over the “four-week mountain” before they can feel like they have a beard.


It is best to leave the beard alone


Depending on the coarseness of the facial hair, along with the skin sensitivity, these first four weeks can feel a bit itchy and frustrating.


At this time, you might feel like giving up. If you want to have a beard, you must resist the need to shave, trim or twist the facial hair.


It is important to not let yourself be fooled by thinking shaving will make your hair grow thicker.


Unfortunately, this myth has no real basis. However, you can aspire to have a beard as long as you follow the right steps.


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