Beard care and how you should wear it according to the shape of your face | Vazol

Beard care and how you should wear it according to the shape of your face

Beard care and how you should wear it according to the shape of your face. The beard has become a trend that arrived a few years ago to stay. Those immaculate faces, without a trace of hair, are rarely seen today. And on the contrary, it is more common to see long beards everywhere.


But, this fur on your face also deserves care, just as we give it to our hair. So that it matches your image and, above all, looks healthy.


Another critical point is that if you are new to letting your beard grow and not oriented on what style is best for you, you are in the right place. Because we are going to talk about the types of beards that exist. And which ones go better according to your face type and thus give it harmony. And even give your face a change from the beard styling.


Beard Care


Beard care and how you should wear it according to the shape of your face | Vazol

  • Trim It Properly


As we already mentioned, the beard requires special care, as much or even more than the hair. And this beauty is on our face and will be in charge of framing the face and giving it shape.


In addition, at the time of a first impression, our face is the protagonist. And the beard would be the main accessory of it.


For this reason, it is not enough to just let it grow without doing anything else. We recommend trimming it to maintain a profiled appearance and the appropriate length you want. If you do not feel skillful in doing this, go to a barbershop where they can provide you with a beard care service.


  • Hygiene/Washing


Beard care and how you should wear it according to the shape of your face | VazolThe beard is part of our body and is attached to the skin, just as it happens with the hair. For this reason, it is necessary to give it the same care and hygiene as the rest of the body.


The skin of our face secretes fat and generates dirt, and cells regenerate daily. And all this falls on the hair of the beard, coupled with pollution and external agents that can also influence.


Given this, washing is mandatory and, according to the factors described above, the frequency of cleaning will depend.


Currently, there are special products on the market for beard care. One of them is beard shampoo or cleanser, specially designed for this area.


In addition, please take into account that proper cleaning will facilitate the subsequent process of fixing it and its maintenance in optimal conditions.


  • Hydration


Beard care and how you should wear it according to the shape of your face | VazolBeard hair is usually very porous. And because it is in contact with various particles and contaminating agents and requires good hygiene, it must also be hydrated.


Remember that these cares favor showing off a neat beard and an attractive and clear appearance, a healthy coat.


So, an important step after washing the beard is hydration. Just as we told you that there are special shampoos for this area, there are also moisturizers. And they can come in the form of oils, a concentrated product.


It is enough to soften and add shine and a pleasant aroma to the hair with a few drops. And in a balm giving extra hydration compared to oils, and its use is recommended in long and abundant beards.


Since, apart from softening, it helps shape it.


  • Hairstyle


Combing the beard is as necessary as doing it with our hair. We can shape it and keep it in order without tangles. It is also a way to distribute the moisturizing product you decide to apply. And through daily brushing, we also stimulate circulation in the area.


Types of Beards


Beard care and how you should wear it according to the shape of your face | VazolAccording to the trends set even for many years, there are several ways and styles to wear your beard. Let’s get to know them, so you know how to identify them.


  • Lock Beard.


This style covers both the area above the lips, that is, the mustache. And the area of ​​the chin or under the lower lip. Alluding to the figure of a lock or a pear.


  • Van Dyke.


It is the same type of goatee or lock, but the beard area has a pointed shape. And the mustache is modified to your liking and style.


  • Balbus, Beard care.


It is an extended goatee style since the figure of the lock is sought. But it is allowed to grow on the sides towards the jaw or earlobe.


  • Viking.


As we have seen in movies and series, this type of beard evokes that time when men left their beards long enough to reach their chests, requiring little maintenance and only a slight cut to shape it.


  • Three days, Beard care.


The idea of ​​this type of beard is that it has such a look that it seems that you have spent three days without touching a razor or scissors. So, it is necessary to trim it regularly to achieve the look. They measure approximately between 1-3 mm in length.


  • Hipster.


It could be taken as a continuation of the balbo type. However, the hipster is much more abundant and extends to the area of ​​​​the ears, joining with the hair. The Balbo does not reach there. Like the Viking, it does not require extreme or daily maintenance either. Being able to trim it every two weeks and the length of the mustache to prevent it from having a leading role in the complete look.


  • Curtain, Beard care.


It is similar to the Balbo, but it covers the entire lower area of ​​the chin and jaw, joining the hair. Its thickness could vary between 2 mm and 2 cm if you were more of a bushy style.


Beard style for every face


Our morphology gives a specific figure to the face. And according to this, there are types of beards that are better for one look than others. So, let’s see the kinds of shapes, what is there, and which style favors each one.


  • Elongated, Beard care.


If your face type is elongated, the ideal is to wear a short Balbo, goatee, or curtain-style beard. And leave the sideburns wider and bushy to give symmetry to the face.


  • Oval.


If you have an oval face, congratulations. Because this guy does well with all beard styles without falling in abundance. If you choose a style that you think makes your face look round, reduce the volume of the sideburns and leave the chin part a little longer to create a visual balance.


  • Round, Beard care.


Before a round face, we must look for the opposite way to achieve balance and visually lengthen it. Therefore, the first step is to remove the hair from the cheek area. And then define an angular shape in the direction of the jaw.


  • Squared.


These faces usually have a slightly pronounced chin, so using a goatee-type beard is convenient. Leaving a little more hair in the central area of ​​the chin, reducing it to the sides to stylize the face.




  • Triangular, Beard care.


Faces with the shape of an inverted triangle are favored with full and abundant Balbo, hipster, and Viking style beards. All to soften the typical features of this type of face but always take care of them for a good appearance.


  • Diamond.


Being wider in the cheek area, it resembles a triangular face and is perfect for a goatee style, as worn by the famous actor Johnny Depp.


  • With Double Chin, Beard care.


If you find yourself in this classification and don’t love taking this double chin with you, then we bring you excellent news: you can hide this detail with your beard.


The best style is a full beard covering the entire face and giving it an angular figure to lengthen the features and divert attention from the double chin.


We hope that this will help you better understand your face and what is perfect for you and enhance your image and style.


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