Vazol - The best aesthetic treatments to start the year - Men's facial care

Learn about the best aesthetic treatments to start the year off on the right foot

Learn about the best aesthetic treatments to start the year off on the right foot. Aesthetic treatments are no longer an exclusive practice for women. More and more guys are joining this wave of skincare and undergoing various procedures to improve their appearance and image.


Men are clear that to achieve these beauty standards, it is not always enough to eat well and exercise. But also, on occasions, extra care is needed that aesthetics can provide, and the best thing is that there is a treatment for every need.


In addition, this type of care significantly influences self-esteem and the confidence with which we show ourselves to others. Hence, it is also beneficial for mental health and personal well-being.


For all this, we have gathered the best aesthetic treatments for boys to start this year with your best image and ready to conquer your goals and purposes.


Best aesthetic treatments for men


Vazol - The best aesthetic treatments to start the year - Men's facial care

  • Laser Depilation


It is one of the most common practices that exist. It consists of treating specific areas where there is hair with laser. In this way retarding growth as much as possible progressively until it weakens and disappears permanently, as well as improving and clarifying the spots that exist on the skin.


This is done by sessions and will depend on the type of skin, hair, and laser resistance you have to determine the total number of visits to the aesthetics. It is a highly effective method that visibly improves your skin with a few sessions.


  • Pulsed Light or IPL


This treatment has a double function since it is used both for hair removal and as a hair removal method, as well as to improve the appearance of skin that has blemishes or some age-old blemishes and thus leave it with a permanently uniform tone. 


Vazol - The best aesthetic treatments to start the year - Men's facial care

  • Hair removal with primelase


Primelase is a diode laser with high power, efficacy, safety, and comfort used for permanent hair removal. It is precise and effective and works for all facial and body areas and skin types, both light and dark.


  • Body Mesotherapy


Body mesotherapy seeks to dissolve localized fat in certain body parts by injecting substances capable of diluting it and thus losing unwanted weight, especially after days of excesses.




  • Body rFX


Vazol - The best aesthetic treatments to start the year - Men's facial careIt is a long-lasting, non-invasive method that combines various techniques. Among which the most dominant is radiofrequency, widely used in physiotherapy to treat injuries in athletes. But by applying the appropriate power, serves to body remodeling, treating fatty accumulations, and eliminating cellulite, as well as localized fat and improving the general contour of the body.


The areas in which they are applied are:


  • Abdomen
  • Double Chin
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Cellulitis


In addition, this treatment has another significant advantage, since thanks to the pressure it exerts through suction, it removes fatty tissue, thus leaving completely smooth skin.


Vazol - The best aesthetic treatments to start the year - Men's facial care

  • Carboxytherapy, Aesthetic treatments.


Carboxytherapy was previously used to treat localized fat.


However, for some time, this treatment, which includes CO, is carried out to eliminate that look of tiredness on the face.


So now it consists of applying an injection of COand, in this way, eliminating fatigue in the eye area, providing the face with luminosity and a radiant appearance.




Vazol - The best aesthetic treatments to start the year - Men's self-care

  • Botox


This treatment does not need much introduction since it is one of the most popular and demanded in the aesthetic field.


Its base is botulinum toxin, which is applied in the upper third area, that is, in the area between the eyebrows, the forehead, and the edges of the eyes or as the crow’s feet are popularly known.


All this is to attenuate wrinkles in the area to their maximum expression for approximately 3 months, with the possibility of repeating the procedure.



Vazol - The best aesthetic treatments to start the year - Men's facial care

  • Dermal Fillers, Aesthetic treatments.


If there is an asset that prevailed in 2022, it is hyaluronic acid, which offers the advantage of restoring the lost volume and elasticity to the skin, as well as the elimination of shallow wrinkles, likewise fillers with calcium hydroxyapatite.


They help stimulate collagen production, helping to erase the deepest wrinkles.


These fillers are ideal for combating the signs of aging and are applied to firm the skin and mark the angle of the jaw and the chin in combination with Botox and thus achieve a face with smooth and hydrated skin.



Vazol - technique in which an injection - Men's facial care

  • Phlebology


This treatment seeks to eliminate varicose veins from both the facial area and the legs, which, in addition to looking unsightly, also decreases self-esteem.




It is a treatment in which a chemical substance is applied to the face’s surface to exfoliate the most superficial layers and thus renew the skin, eliminating impurities and restoring luminosity to it, and helping to maintain the skin clean and free of blemishes at all times. 


It also helps to unify the tone and erase spots caused by the sun and other factors and is recommended for all skin types. But especially for those that are prone to acne and present spots and scars, as well as photo-aged skin damaged by years of sun exposure.


Vazol - technique in which an injection - Men's facial care

Filling of nasolabial folds with carboxymethylcellulose


It is used to treat fine or moderate wrinkles in the area of ​​the nose furrows that become marked over time, which, in addition to filling in wrinkles, also serves to shape the cheeks, cheekbones, chin, mandibular arch, and secondary hypotrophy.


One of the great advantages is that this component is resorbable, so the effects are long-lasting, having an immediate anti-aging and aesthetic effect. It also has antibacterial effects, and applying a specific injection technique is not necessary.




Vazol - technique in which an injection - Men's facial care

  • Dark Circles Filler, Aesthetic treatments.


We know that dark circles can be pretty annoying, and no matter how much rest one takes, sometimes it is impossible to get rid of them. Therefore, there is a technique in which an injection is placed in the dark circle’s area, a specific gel with a needle, and a linear, retrograde, and fan shape.


This hyaluronic acid gel contains an innovative formula based on 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, and encapsulated vitamin B that is responsible for treating and filling the area of ​​dark circles in a natural and lasting way to redensifying the skin of the peri eye area.


  • Collagen, Aesthetic treatments.


Another of the great searches for the skin is collagen, which is that this component is gradually lost over time, and recovering it is a mission many dedicate themselves to, so it is an excellent option. It is a collagen-inducing therapy treatment that achieves a lifting effect with visible results from the first moment and that last over time.


May the beginning of the year be a perfect excuse to refresh your image and give your face a new look with this collection of aesthetic treatments so that you can select the most suitable one for you.

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