Fashion brand VAZOL comes into existence in May 2016 by the hands and dreams of designer José Luis Vázquez, who would soon become renowned for his amazing talent.

José Luis Vásquez started his dream in quite a particular way. Unlike many other clothing brands, he dreamt and built with his own hands what his inspiration prompted.

He started to make pieces for his own personal use and, with time his exclusive designs and his overflowing talent were soon noticed by his friends.

Soon the demand for his shirts (which were not only modern but also original and ageless) was on the rise. Everybody knew of his creations, and everyone wanted one of his pieces.

Because of this, Vazquez decided to register and give the green light to his dreams.

VAZOL’s presence starts to be prominent in popular parties. This new shirt from its own brand causes impact and it is well received in San Francisco gay parades and many other cities.

In June of that same year, a new door opens and Vazquez collabs with Vic Mucio and Gabriel Saldivar to be part of a team for the crown brand “The Royal Crowns” becoming this way, in an authorized distributor in his city.

As time went by, his products and modern shirts caught the attention of media outlets. Editors, magazines, celebrities, and even artists from the area get an interest in his products and brand. This paves the way for him to receive a plethora of job proposals.

In November, he achieves his first cover in a prestigious commercial magazine. Afterward, through the temporal addition of designer Reyes, VAZOLA is born, and its collection becomes a success. Today, the sister brand is planned to come back in the future stronger than before.

Since its launch and to this date, this brand has grown thanks to its originality and the talent of its creator, who flourishes along with his brand. VAZOL has given rise to a gay men’s fashion revolution, standing out from its beginnings.

VAZOL is a brand that, within a year of being in the market, has achieved unimaginable goals. Working with international and renowned models, little by little, positioned itself as one of the most important and popular fashion brands in the area.

Its designer has collaborated with companies such as:  “Mr. Model”, “The royal crowns”, “Beat Wolf”, “Testarudo”, “ULISEX magazine”, “VATO magazine”, “Eleazar Rosado”, “Gravity”, “Babel club”, “Jubileo” and many others.

Today, he is still working strong to bring his talent and creativity to the world, not only to position his brand and make worldwide known, but he also works to open the minds and breaks paradigms people have created about the “right” and “masculine” way for people to dress in our current society, all of this through a unique, different and creative proposal.