A Guide on being a fashionista man

A Guide on being a fashionista man. Dressing well is something we all need to worry about. Especially today, when the concern of whether we look good or what we wear for the day isn’t disjointed, is seen more freely. Besides, we also went through some tricks to look younger or more handsome, right?


In this sense, dressing well and knowing how to achieve it is essential in these times when you have to look good, modern, and current. More when you want to be a fashionista. Looking good speaks more about you than you think and it’s no secret to anyone that the better you feel with what you are wearing, the more confident you will be, which results in attracting more opportunities in life.


However, it doesn’t mean that you always have to be with the latest in fashion, no sir. It’s about being comfortable with what you’re wearing and also looking good and radiating such overwhelming confidence that it’s impossible to ignore you. Ready to learn how to be a fashionista? At Vazol we draw this conclusion just for you.


How to be a fashionista man?


Vazol-Guide-to-being-a-fashionista-man-BannerTo be a fashionista is to be a person devoted to fashion. Generally, fashionistas don’t follow a specific trend but create their own fashion based on what they achieve and what suits them. Do you consider yourself a fashionista? If so, I invite you to follow these tips to look exquisite!


Footwear is essential.


We must stop underestimating shoes. To be a fashionista, you have to learn to use them properly and have at least a few basics to start with: sports and leather. You can take advantage of them for many years.


Dress according to your age.


Every fashionista should know that the years go by on your calendar and what looked good on you at 18 won’t look good on you at 40, for example. You must bear in mind that there are things that are better to leave in the past, not even in the closet. If you’re already a contemporary adult, consider shirts, chinos, or dress pants.


Zero trends, A Guide on being a fashionista man.


With this, I don’t mean that you don’t have to be aware of what is used or not. However, the trick for fashionistas is to adapt what is in trend and make it your own. It means that if vests are in fashion at this time, you must adapt them to your personality.


Take care of clothes, A Guide on being a fashionista man.


Scratched, broken, wrinkled, worn, stained. Nothing of that. That’s why you must take care of what you have and treat it with care. Take care of your shirts, wash them, dry them and store them properly so that they last longer and you are always neat.


At least one suit, A Guide on being a fashionista man.


In a basic color: black, gray or navy blue. If you have all three, the best, but at least one that you can take advantage of. I recommend investing in a good quality one to use on different occasions.


The basic jean.


No matter how old you are, jeans are the friend you should always have. There is no way to miss a casual look with a jean. You can have blue and black, which you decide to wear regularly with shirts, jeans, chinos, or even with a blazer.


Chinese or dress type, they’re essential for any semiformal occasion. You can opt for blue or the typical khaki color, they go with everything. You won’t regret it!


What is the best way to dress for a man?


Vazol-Guide-to-being-a-fashionista-man-BannerClothes speak a lot about us as people. It can show character, taste, and personality. It also influences what we project to others. This is why you have to learn how to dress with good taste and that will lead you to be a fashionista.


Suitable clothing.


A fashionista knows that they must have versatile garments, each one should serve to create more than one look. This way you will help yourself to create many outfits. You do this with basic garments such as jeans, suits, polo shirts, T-shirts, and shirts. Depending of course on your age and tastes.


It doesn’t have to be challenging. 


Nor should it be something complicated that generates annoyance. Being a fashionista should be born as an instinct to be different and not care what others think or if it is too difficult.


Dress according to your body type.


Here is a very important rule: what looks good on Brad Pitt won’t be what looks good on you. This is important to take into account when purchasing new garments.


There is an outfit for every occasion.


It’s not that you’re going to bring glitter and fun to awake. There are always events that require a particular style: formal, semiformal, casual, sporty, or informal. Take this into account depending on what you choose. What’s important is to mix styles to look more like fashionista than ever.


For example, if you’re looking for a casual style, some jeans with a T-shirt and sneakers. While you want something more casual, you can opt for dark pants, a shirt, and loafers. On the other hand, if you want a formal look, opt for the suit and oxford shoes. Now, if you want a sporty style, opt for joggers, sweatshirts, and tennis shoes.


What is the job of a fashionista?


The job of a fashionista is to conceptualize and advise the image and aesthetics of others, advising them on their clothing, hairstyles, and accessories. Besides, if you already have all the basics and know how to promote it as a career, from Vazol we teach you some activities that you can carry out:


Create looks for editorials. 


Once you learn how this world moves, and when you feel very identified and passionate, you can get into a fashion magazine and create fashion productions, where you direct and develop photo sessions with the style that you choose.


Dress up celebrities.


Is your dream to meet celebrities and dress them up? Then you are on the way and in the right article. Like every fashionista, you will be able to create styles for certain celebrities, influencers, and bloggers for their social media and this way make yourself known.


Runways, A Guide on being a fashionista man.


Yes, there is always a runway to attend. A job for fashionistas is to be able to get there and be successful.


A Guide on being a fashionista man


At Vazol we are happy to know that we can help you be a fashionista and that through your particular style you can show the world who you are. Also, we invite you to our store to get some basic garments that can help you look like a fashionista.

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