7 mistakes men make when dressing

7 mistakes men make when dressing. Dressing is a process that, if you pay due attention to, can be a bit tedious. Since in the world of fashion you have to follow many rules. And be aware of a series of steps that will help you stand out from the rest.


As you well know, appearances are the first things people notice. First impressions will be what makes you popular for your good taste and style or just a walking fashion disaster. And the truth is that we don´t want it to be like that. So I´m going to explain to you practically and simply what are those mistakes that can´t be made when dressing.


The idea is that you feel like a professional and that you project that image of success. Something that will not be very easy to let go unnoticed. And that´s exactly what we want at Vazol. That these mistakes are not made again, thus achieving that you´re considered a beauty czar.


How can a man learn to dress well?


Mistakes men make when dressingEvery day it´s key to know that you´re going to dress well. So, you must always know how to choose, combine and above all, know the tricks that will help you to be more handsome. In this sense, forget that anything goes. That´s why the important thing is to know how to dress well and adapt it to the circumstances.


Since I want you to be the king of the night and style. Pay attention to these tips that will help you dress well. We know what you want, to be fashionable and have a modern look full of glitter and good taste.


At the end of the day, appearance counts too much. And the better you feel in the clothes you wear, the more confident you will be. Hence, the more opportunities you will have in your personal and professional life. 


So, the first step that you must be very clear about is that to look impeccable, you must consider your body type and your lifestyle. In this way, it´s not the same to dress in one way or another if you´re tall or small, plump or thin.


You must take this into account when choosing some type of clothing for each type of occasion. Since when it comes to an important event, you have to combine the garments correctly. And it´s not only a good suit, but how to wear it and what colors go with it. Above all, how best to combine them. Take note of these basic tips to dress well.


Mistakes men make when dressing

  • Think about the footwear.


It´s an elemental point and we must give it the value it deserves. So, you have to own good comfortable shoes that adapt to different circumstances. If you want to dress elegantly, better go for brown or black oxfords.


  • Dress according to your age.


Shirts with jeans are a staple for gay men of all stripes. But as time goes on, it’s important to know that there are some things you’d better never put on. So, if you’re in your early forties, ditch the t-shirts and wear shirts with chinos or dress pants.



  • Don’t focus on trends.


And with this, I don´t mean that you don´t have to be aware of the new trends that we bring for you. It’s about not spending too much unnecessary money on a new wardrobe.


How should a man never dress?


Mistakes men make when dressingAHA. We arrived at the landing. I bring you seven mistakes that men make when dressing. So that you never make them again when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for you.


1. Don’t wear your pants too long or too short.


Dress pants must be the correct length. They shouldn´t be high enough to cross a river, but you shouldn´t step on them with your heels either. It looks bad since any of these situations take you away from elegance.


The exact length should be just flush with the heel of the shoe but without covering it. While in the front, the pants shouldn´t rest excessively on the shoe.


2. Say no to too wide shirts, Mistakes men make when dressing.


Wearing shirts or suits that are too wide is not flattering at all. And although many consider it comfortable, the effect is that it seems that you´re wearing borrowed clothes. A tailored shirt will always be a glove. So, I suggest that you make sure they´re the ideal size for you when you buy them.

3. Too long Ties, Mistakes men make when dressing.


We find ties in too many styles, colors, and fabrics. But the golden rule is that it should be at least one centimeter above the belt. This is regardless of the knot you make, just as the thickness of the tie doesn´t matter.


4. Wearing loafers with a dress suit.


It catches a lot of attention and it has to stop. Suits should be worn with lace-up oxford shoes or any other type of lace-up shoe, especially if it’s dark.


5. Closing all the buttons on the jacket, Mistakes men make when dressing.


This is a fashion mistake that shouldn´t happen. Not all the buttons on the jacket should be closed. Generally, only one is closed and that depends on whether the jacket has two or three buttons. The top or center button will be fastened in that case. Only double-breasted jackets are buttoned.


6. Don´t let the underwear show.


Unless you’re 15 years old and ride a skateboard. However, there´s no excuse if you´re not of this age. Underwear should never be seen. It’s not fancy and it does look quite bad.


7. Wear short or light socks, Mistakes men make when dressing.


Believe it or not, tights or socks are the accessory that quickly ruins a stylish outfit. So, if you´re going to dress up, you should have the socks up to mid-calf and stay stretched. The color should be dark like navy blue, black, or gray. White only for exercise.


How to learn to dress?


As you can see, learning to dress is a matter of time, perseverance, and dedication. Maybe a bit of common sense too. This way, I invite you to review and analyze very well these points that I show you below. And achieve from now on a much more elegant and fashionable style.


At Vazol we want to invite you to check out our store. So that you can add our garments to your elegant wardrobe that we are sure you will love.

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