5 ways to combine a tweed vest

5 ways to combine a tweed vest. I know you love to dress in style. M too! The fact is that there are many garments that can elevate our outfit from incredible to “oh, how interesting, give me your number”. One of those garments that many consider accessories, and thanks to its versatility give you natural elegance, is the tweed vest.


Considered a timeless piece that can be worn in any season and for many occasions. As Peaky Blinders remind us of it in their series, right? It’s a garment that hasn’t gone out of style since the 19th century, and today it needs to continue to be part of everyone’s wardrobe.


It’s because of the importance of this garment and because of how necessary it is to wear it properly that at Vazol we decided to take it to your home with seven ideas to combine it to look incredibly striking and impressive. A ladykiller! You will remember me.


Do you want to know more about this garment? Read on because even though it may not seem like it, wearing it properly can be a challenge for many. However, that’s why I’m here, to help you look like an expert. Ready?


How to combine the tweed vest?


The tweed vest is the best option for those who want to add formality and originality to their style. It’s a good quality jacket characterized by being comfortable, gives you mobility, and is also pleasant. Especially when the weather turns warm.


It has many pockets which makes it functional. It’s easy to have on the coat rack behind the door. They come in neutral base colors that go with everything. Here are some combinations.


  • Matching a suit. 


Vazol-5-ways-to-combine-the-tweed-vest-BannerOf the more traditional ways to combine it, the tweed vest works to achieve a three-piece suit.


It’s an ideal and perfect option for the formality that a wedding or any formal event deserves.


Besides, you can also take it to work, only if it’s important. Plus, you can wear it all together, like a two-piece suit or even the vest by itself.


In this sense, the matching tweed suit is a smart purchase. What do you think?



  • No jacket.


Vazol-5-ways-to-combine-the-tweed-vest-BannerWhen you wear matching pants and a shirt, you can always forget about the jacket and opt for the tweed that matches the suit.


You will continue to look very formal and elegant.


Do you have an event that you aren’t sure what the dress code is? Then choose this combination option.


Ah! No, it doesn’t just have to be with matching pants, however, make sure it is complementary.


This option will give you a lot of contrast. As for the shirt, match it with a light tweed back.


  • Mixing suits and colors. 


Allow yourself to combine tweed with textures and patterns, in addition, you can combine it with jackets and pants of other colors.


With this garment, you can give yourself permission to play and have fun with options that attract your attention.


Now, everything isn’t always clear and when you aren’t very clear about what to use, you can combine navy blue with brown or also white with gray.


It should be noted that earth colors will always be a safe bet and that if you want to combine patterns, make sure that colors are similar and choose several sizes where one is the dominant one.



  • Informal style.


You can wear it in a very informal style and still look very elegant and striking since this garment will achieve that effect on its own. You can choose to wear it over the short-sleeved shirt and accompany it with jeans.


This casual look works for some quick get-togethers with friends. Take into account that the shirt must be inside the pants and that the jeans are smooth. You can also choose to pair with a fitted sweater and accessories like suspenders to be the center of attraction.


  • Semiformal style.


The semiformal style could be very similar to mixing textures and wearing it without a vest.


However, here you can break with the scheme that it must match the vest and use it with any pleated trousers or chinos.


The semiformal style can be positive for that mix of textures, colors, and patterns and look very Johnny Depp style, with different colors and always respecting the pattern of the vest.



That is, if the vest has vertical stripes, the rest must respect it.


When is a suit vest worn?


I insist, thanks to Peaky Blinders for bringing this trend back to us. Our task is to help you look your best, and here I will give you some ideas of when to use it.


The answer is always. The vest is a perfect and ideal complement as long as your style is unique and you allow yourself to combine it in a unique and original way.


In this sense, you should only take into account that when wearing it you have chosen the one in your size, which fits perfectly with the shoulders and that it is fitted but not too tight.


On the other hand, do not fasten all the buttons, the last button leaves it loose and if you have different fabrics, the knitted vest is your best option.


How to wear a man’s vest?


As I told you, a tweed vest will give you a very elegant outfit and will highlight your presence. Because of this, it’s important to wear it properly. In this sense, we are going to take into account these tips:


A tweed vest with Bermuda shorts is a resounding NO. If you want to wear something with shorts, choose a padded jacket or vest,


Regarding the patterned fabric that adapts very well to the shirt so that it is the matching pattern.


The more buttons, the better. And it’s haute couture approved. You can even wear them unbuttoned if they have three or fewer buttons.


How to wear navy-blue vests?


A navy-blue tweed vest is very versatile and easy to combine. One option is to pair it with gray wool chinos and complement it with a light blue shirt, brown shoes, and a blue coat.


You can wear them with white pants, matching the suit vest, black pants, jeans or navy blue.


As you can see, choosing the combination will always be up to your personal style.


At Vazol we are very happy with this style and the way the vest is worn. How do you use it? Only on formal occasions or on a daily basis?

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